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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pacquiao and Cotto make the first half grade, how did the rest do?

January 2009 - Andre Berto defeats Luis Collazo- The fight was and still is the toughest test in Berto's young career. Going into the fight, I remember thinking that this fight could be a walk in the park for Berto since Mosley in my opinion handled Louie quite easily, so logically the younger fresher Berto would have a field day right? I couldn't have been more wrong. Early on, Berto seemed very troubled by the style belonging to lefty Louie, it was clear that for the first 6 or 7 rounds that Louie's experience and ring generalship was the difference. The second half found Berto digging deep to land the harder shots on Louie. The fight was classic and deserves an encore. Will the encore happen during the second half of 09? Let's hope so.

Shane Mosley KO'S Antonio Margarito- When the fight was announced, the boxing media and I included thought that the 37 year old Mosley had no business at all trading leather with this Terminator. The drama began before the fight even took place, when just minutes before the fight it had been reported that Tony's trainer was trying to plaster the wraps. The plaster was removed and the beating began. Mosley not only beat The Terminator, but Mosley simply dominated the younger lion with ease. Mosley shocks the world, Mosley terminates The Terminator. After the fight, Tony was suspended up to a year for the attempted foul play, as for Mosley, well Mosley looked so sharp that he may have shelved himself after such a brilliant performance. Sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

February 2009

Vic Darchinyan KO'S Jorge Arce- I remember this slugfest for 2 reasons. One being that I missed this fight because the fight took place on my birthday and my wife and brother had surprised me with a night out to celebrate. The other reason being that intense hangover that followed, but lucky for me that I was able to catch the replay of this fun fight. The fight to me was all Darchinyan with Arce providing a shoot out in the middle rounds, but in the end the heavier shots of Vic were just too much for Arce to handle. What does the 2nd half of 09 hold for Vic? Well next week Vic will take on tough man Joseph Agbeko, no easy task. If Vic defeats Agbeko, what then? How about the long anticipated rematch with the only man to blast The Raging Bull, Nonito Donaire Jr.?

Sergio Martinez and Kermit Cintron fight to a Draw- Sergio the Magnifico just couldn't catch a break in this one. Not only was a knock out taken away from Sergio after Cintron was blitzed with a clean shot, but even after putting up a clinic the judges scored it a draw. Are you kidding me? In the second half of 09, I would love to see Sergio Martinez vs. Paul Williams or even against Vernon Forrest.

Tomasz Adamek Blasts Johnathon Banks- Adamek is truly a joy to watch isn't he? I must admit that early on it looked like Banks would win behind that jab of his, Banks early on made Adamek look uncomfortable. Once Adamek landed a clean shot, it was then a matter of time until Banks would blink the Adamek would unload. Later this year I would love to see Adamek/Cunningham 2, now even more so now that Cunningham has seeked the services of master teacher, Nazim Richardson.

Juan Manuel Marquez Disects Juan Diaz- What a fight!! Early on the rush of the Baby Bull was just too much for the older Marquez to handle. When the fight would meet center ring it was all Marquez, but Diaz would let it be known that the corners is where he wanted to take Marquez. The fight went on like this back and forth, by round 6 however, Marquez the mad scientist began to dissect. Marquez then began to pick his spots and was able to land flush shots from all sorts of angles. Was the blood too much for Diaz? Or was the Master just too much for Diaz? In late August, Diaz will return against the speedy crafty Paulie Malignaggi. In September, Marquez will lay it all on the line and face another scientist like himself in Floyd Mayweather Jr.

March 2009

In March, in my opinion it was pretty much a hit and miss month, but mostly misses. The best fight may have been Amir Khan defeating the great Marco Antonio Barrera. If that doesn't say it all what will?

April 2009

Timothy Bradley defeats Kendall Holt- Early in this fight, I was shook when I saw Holt land that bomb on Bradley. Had the lightning bolt Holt landed that shot on anybody else, well it would have been scary. The fact that Bradley took the shot so well simply amazed me. After that bomb, Bradley fought smart and applied the Desert Storm Swarm. In the center ring just seconds before the fight, Holt asked Bradley if he was ready to see that heart, well on this night it was Bradley's heart that would shine like a diamond. In August, Bradley will face another tough test in Nate Campbell. As for Holt? I would love to see a Holt/ Randall Bailey clash.

Paul Williams Punishes Winky Wright- The Punisher is ready! The Punisher is ready!! Never in a million years would I ever think that I would ever see a fighter like Winky get dominated. No doubt that the very long layoff for Winky made matters worse for the Winkster, but still it looked like Winky was fighting a machine in there. What's next for Williams? I would love to see him in against Sergio Martinez at 154, Kelly Pavlik at 160, or Allan Green at 168. For Wright, I hear that they are trying to land him on the Mayweather/Marquez card but sources tell me that Golden Boy may pin Andrade/Bute instead. For Winky, the biggest fight for him out there right now may be a rematch with the very vulnerable Jermain Taylor.

Carl Froch upsets Jermain Taylor- This fight had a Shane Mosley/Ricardo Mayorga ending to it. Early on, the fight was all Taylor. Even with Taylor winning the fight, Froch never looked discouraged or beaten. The tide changed for me around the 8th round, it was clear to see that Froch had landed something and sensed that he now knew when and where to land his heavy shots. Froch was down on the cards by at least 2 points, Froch knew this so like a real champion Froch then decided to close the show. Great fight. For Froch, I would love to see him in against a lot of guys. Like Bernard Hopkins, Allan Green, Kessler, Pavlik, or Bute, heck even Paul Williams. For Taylor, the Winky Wright rematch or against Jean Pascal.

May 2009

Manny Pacquiao smashes Ricky Hatton- The fight was supposed to really be the fight to really see how the Pacquiao storm would do when put up against a Bulldog that wants it just as bad as he does. It was the Pac-Man vs. the Hitman, Pac-Monster vs the Brittish Bulldog, the fight was a smashing success and made about 800,000-875,000 ppv buys. The fanatics for both fighters were out to represent to the fullest. The fight was supposed to be smashing, in the end, it would find Hatton smashed on the canvas. In November, the Pacquiao Storm is almost inked to face the Boriqua Bomber, Miguel Cotto. As for Hatton, let's just say that the search continues.

June 2009

Miguel Cotto slams Joshua Clottey- This fight just like every Cotto fight had drama, drama, and more drama. Early on, Cotto was giving Clottey the biz, then around round 5 or 6 with Cotto looking uncomfortable with the bad cut, Clottey then brought the heat. Clottey to me fought in spurts and didn't do enough to win the fight. When you got a bloodied up home fighter, you don't ponder, you must go in and close the show like Froch did to Taylor. All signs point to Cotto facing the Pac-Monster in November, truly a November to Remember. As for Clottey, If he really wants to arrive, Clottey should call out Paul Williams. Call Williams a chicken, call him a bean pole, do what you got to do to make the most feared man fight you, and this time when you get that big fight you best close the show like Kobe. If no Williams, then pursue a date with the Berto/Collazo winner, assuming the rematch happens.

Marcos Maidana stops Victor Ortiz- This fight reminds me so much of the Miguel Cotto/ Ricardo Torres war that also took place at 140 back in the day. Power vs Power, in the end it would be Maidanas power that would rattle Ortiz physically and mentally. For Maidana, let's hope Khan beats Kotlenik so that we can then see Maidana/Khan. For Ortiz, how about Mike Alvarado?

Final Grade for First half of 2009- B-

With talks circulating that Berto/Collazo 2 is being worked on for sometime before the year, Darchinyan/Agbeko next week then maybe Darchinyan/Donaire 2 being discussed, Juan Diaz/Malignaggi in August, same with Bradley/Campbell in August, Juan Manuel Marquez/Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September, and finally the grand daddy of them all Cotto/Pacquiao to close the year in November. Let's just fill in October and December and we just may have a great second half of boxing to look forward to.

Source: http://www.diamondboxing.com/newsstory.php?list=8393

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