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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miguel Cotto: Respect could be just a win away

Everbody knows that family. The one that has two brothers , maybe three , and one brother is always fighting for respect. He is courteous and well mannered. But maybe he wasn't quite as successful as the others. Nobody comes out and says it , but you know that his family looks at him just a little differently. They're proud of him. Just not busting with pride when his name comes up in conversation.

Such is the plight of Miguel Cotto. He has vanquished every opponent put in front of him. Except for the illegal hand wrapping Antonio Margarito.

Miguel's older brothers are Puerto Rican icons Wilfredo Gomez and Felix "Tito" Trinidad. The two set lofty goals for any future Puerto Rican boxers to live up to. Not only were they great fighters , but they were men of the people.

Of course they weren't brothers in the family sense , but Puerto Rican fighters share a special bond.

But something is missing when it comes to the adulation that Miguel receives. Cotto is more withdrawn and happy to keep his private life private. He is consumate professional. The only negative publicity that has surfaced on Cotto was the breakup with his trainer , who just happens to be his uncle. The split was long overdue and many felt that it was more of the uncle's doing than Miguel's.

Some of Miguel's popularity may suffer because Cotto has become more of a boxer puncher. While his fights always tend to be exciting , Puerto Ricans like their fighters to be stalkers. Always on the prowl for that big knockout.

But Cotto is Cotto. A mixture of power and ring smart. And now comes his biggest test. In November Miguel will square off with boxing superman , Manny Pacquiao. Odds makers have made Manny the betting favorite. They also know that this will be Pacquiao's toughest fight since moving up to and above the junior welterweight division.

Will a win by Cotto finally put him into the Gomez-Trinidad elite status? Gomez and Trinidad were thought to be unbeatable by Puerto Rican fans. But a recent survey showed that many Puerto Rican fight fans thought that Manny Pacquiao would win their upcoming fight. Maybe a win will find Cotto's name listed among the other greats from that small island. Either way , it would appear that Miguel will be fighting two opponents on that night. One against Manny and the other for respect.

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