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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto, Roach vs ???: Cotto's corner the "X-Factor"

Much has been made about the two warriors at the center of this epic battle, yet few have taken note of the fact that this showdown in many ways remains an incomplete agenda.

In Manny Pacquiao's corner stands a man whose presence totally completes him.

For Miguel Cotto, the man who molded him into the product we see today stands a great distance away, separated by anger, humiliation, and a lawsuit rumored to be roughly $7.5M, which embodies everything from a fist fight to a broken window on Miguel's brand new vehicle.

The old adage has it that "blood is thicker than water", but when it's bad blood, it can in-fact be very thin, for there's a small line that separates the love and hate stored between the fighter and the man who's no longer in place to guide him.

Cotto: Missing A Main Ingredient

Standing less than 4 months away from this highly anticipated showdown, Miguel Cotto has to find a way to not only locate a ring general to call the shots from his corner, but also work out key issues such as chemistry and continuity. A very difficult task considering the stability in the corner he'll stand across from.

Currently, Cotto has a trainer, (Joe Santiago), but following his showdown with Joshua Clottey he went on record as saying "There are some things I needed to change and there are some things my corner needed to change".

The chemistry was clearly in question, and the round by round advice given - (in the words of many boxing experts) - was not as helpful as necessary either.

That major question mark, paralleled with the fact that Cotto is still a bit ego-bruised and shell-shocked following his lost to Margarito spells for a troubling scenario.

Many Questions, Few If Any Answers...

Emanuel Steward's name continues to be tossed around in consideration, but even if he does get the nod, can he remove the pain from the humbling Margarito defeat, re-establish confidence, and teach core fundamentals in a mentally stalled fighter who now faces the most talented opponent of his career - all within less than four months?

Despite the humble nature of Pacquiao, there's perhaps no one as deadly in the ring today when the opportunity arrives to seal the deal, and he won't hold back.

His aim will be to seek and destroy. And the threat of facing the biggest, most powerful opponent of his career will serve as the ultimate motivator for a man who has never lacked it a day in his life.

In the english alphabet, the letter "W" comes before "X", but as it relates to Miguel Cotto, he'll clearly need to address the "X" before he can get the highly coveted "W".

Stay tuned.

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