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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pacquiao and Cotto will show the world what a real mega-fight looks like

Last month, Golden Boy Promotions sold us a "mega-fight" we did not want to see. Proof were the empty seats inside the fight venue. Can you tell me what kind of super fight can't sell out a stadium? I can. A fraud.

Pay-per-View buys were reported around a million, but how many among those buys were tickets to the theater houses that played the card for around $12 dollars a person?

Pacquiao-Hatton was a mega-fight. Mayweather-Hatton was a mega-fight. Pacquiao-Dela Hoya and Mayweather-Dela Hoya were mega-fights but Mayweather-Marquez, was not.

It stank for so many reasons. It was Boxing's politics tricking fans and using hype and leverage to sell a mismatch that nobody wanted to see. A fight between two counter-puncher type fighters who were 15 pounds apart in weight. It was a fight that put many to sleep including me- literally!

Enough about the negativity, because Pacquiao and Cotto will clean up the mess and treat fight fans on November 14 to an action-packed war between two of the most explosive and beloved fighters in boxing. Not only are tickets to the fight almost sold-out with still a little under a month to go, people have been buzzing and talking about the fight extensively for the past several weeks.

It's a match wherein you can never truly predict the winner. Pacquiao brings speed, punching power, experience, ferocity and a lot of heart while Cotto has the strength and size advantage complimented by his superior technique and boxing ability.

It's the pound for pound champion going up against the welterweight champion. And if Shane Mosley insists he is the true welterweight champion for beating Antonio Margarito, well he still lost to Cotto. You are talking about two great fighters who have fought the best of the best and have not backed down from any challenge. Line them up, the list of foes these two men have conquered is the best combination among two currently active boxers you can come up with. From Morales, Barrera, Marquez, Hatton, Dela Hoya to Clottey, Cintron, Mosley, Judah, Malignaggi, Torres, you name it, they're victims.

You will also see two of the most vocal and loyal fan bases go toe-to-toe in the form of Puerto Ricans and Filipinos. And unlike Mexicans who were simply sold on false hopes their smaller but big-hearted warrior had a chance to beat Mayweather, Cotto can definitely put a licking on Pacquio. In fact, more experts and big name pro boxers pick Cotto to beat Pacquiao. When you got the number one pound-for-pound fighter going up to find a challenge and is considered by experts as the underdog, despite being the betting favorite, what you got is an exciting, intriguing and definitely unpredictable blockbuster showdown.

And besides, how can you go wrong with a Manny Pacquiao fight? You already know it's always a war when that little devil throws down.

So expect fireworks between two of the best the sport has to offer. And don't worry about the money you spent for Mayweather-Marquez because Pacquiao-Cotto will definitely more than make up for it. Just like the slumping former Dallas Cowboys receiver who is now a Bill said, "better get your popcorns ready."

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