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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The all action war between Cotto- Pacquiao and more

Firepower- Miguel Cotto vs. Manny Pacquiao- So it's official, Finally!! The all action war between Cotto and Pacquiao is set. From the e-mails that I have read so far, it appears that most Diamondboxing readers believe that Pacquiao is going to smash Cotto. What do I think? Well, I strongly feel that Pacquiao must do his work going in and out as he did against De La Hoya, do not allow Cotto to get set. For Cotto to win, now this all depends on his conditioning, I mean if making 145 didn't totally drain him, I feel that if Cotto has no problem or has very little problem making the 145 limit that any plan that Pacquiao has could get toasted. A flush shot from a strong Cotto can very well change any Pacquiao plan, everyone has a plan until they get hit. Here's to an electrifying, exciting night on November 14th. Firepower.

Juan Manuel Lopez- Speaking of Firepower, wouldn't be huge if Juan Manuel Lopez could somehow be added to the card? Against who? How about Celestino Caballero? Or how about staying on the Puerto Rican vs. Filipino theme and doing a dangerous Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Rey Bautista fight? Wow.. From what I hear, Juan Manuel Lopez may fight Rogers Mtagwa in late September, Mtagwa is never in a dull fight, but I feel that right now Juan Manuel Lopez is the brightest young star in the sport so why not make it brighter by putting him on the biggest fight card of the year..

Super Six Tourney- Ok so the consesus is that everyone is tired of hearing me cry about how Allan Green not being in the tourney, now they want me to pick a winner. My pick as of now would have to be Kessler. I think that Kessler is just too good. Speedy guys like Dirrell could give Kessler trouble, but I'm willing to bet that Dirrell will be a little too green for someone as dangerous as Kessler is. My pick is Kessler but I will be rooting for Andre Ward to win it all. Imagine this: Ward a Gold medal winner, early on is criticized for taking dull fights and not testing himself enough, then finally his management suddenly finds the confidence to pair him up against the ever dangerous Edison Miranda, the kid goes on to dominate Miranda, and how do you follow up your biggest win to date? By bringing home here to the good ol U.S.A the Championship of the World. That's how.

Paul Williams vs. ?- Kudos to Carl Hewitt's piece on big fights announced and no mention of Paul Williams. It was a fun read and one that I agree with 100%. Here is how we can solve this nobody wanting to face the Punisher problem. Ok so Allan Green wants to face Kelly Pavlik, problem is that Green wants the fight at 164 or 165, Pavlik doesn't want to do a catch weight fight, Pavlik wants to fight and defend his title at 160, A move down to 160 is something Green may not want to do, I mean if Pavlik fought Taylor at 166 then why not fight Green at 164, right? But no, Pavlik is bent on defending his strap at 160. Fine, then why not fight Paul Williams at 160 and defend your title? A Green/Pavlik fight is fireworks, but a Pavlik/Williams fight is also a real good fight. First though, we must squash the beef between Arum and Haymon, now that is a whole new problem. Here's to Williams vs. Green!!!!

Amir Khan looked great but..- I agree that Amir Khan looked great against Kotelnik but the main reason for that is because Freddie Roach was in Khan's corner. I ask you this, does Khan beat Kotelnik without Roach in his corner? Ok, maybe just maybe he does, but I tell you this, NO way does Khan beat Kotelnik as easy as he did without Roach in his corner. Come to think about it, you know that huge fight in November between Pacquiao and Cotto? Well a big reason why the early edge is going to Pacquiao is because he has the great mind of Freddie Roach in his corner and Cotto has a lesser known name in his.

Source: http://www.diamondboxing.com/newsstory.php?list=8816

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