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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pacquiao beats Cotto in Mayweather prelude

No Fear Factor But Other Factors Why Pacquiao Beats Cotto:

1. TRAMPLER FACTOR: Top Rank matchmaker Bruce Trampler, protégé of the great Madison Square Garden guru Teddy Brenner, rarely makes mistakes in his specialized job. Bob Arum and Todd duBoef go to their in house guru before any momentous match. Green light or red light? BT, once known as “Southland“ when he cut his teeth building prospects in for Cowboy Pete Ashlock long ago in Orlando, Fl., is the architect of Cotto’s career as well as the guy who OK’d recent key fights--including De La Hoya and Hatton--for Manny. BT knows both sides. BT says go, ergo Manny cannot lose.

2. MAYWEATHER FACTOR: Pacman may not talk about Pretty Boy Floyd while PBF chatters about him incessantly but you know they think about each other on a daily basis. “He ain’t done nothing I ain’t done,” Mayweather snaps. Well, for various reasons including his running feud with ex-promoter Arum, Cotto is not on Li’l Floyd’s big resume. But Nov. 15, Pacman can wake up and have a big W on his record next to the Boricua Bomber’s name. I'd call that something PBF "ain't never did."

3. MOSLEY FACTOR: Another stalwart who Mayweather has found reasons not to tangle with. On Nov. 14, Pacquiao can “beat” Mosley by beating the man who beat him, meaning Cotto. I know it was close but Cotto won it. This is, should Manny defeat the Puerto Rican, a little propaganda point if not a bargaining chip for Pacman in future Mayweather negotiations. Floyd, meanwhile, is fighting Marquez, a talented fighter but also one who Packy has not lost to in two bouts.

4. E. COTTO FACTOR: Can we surmise that Cotto would have been sharper against Joshua Clottey if he did not have the big blow up and parting of the way with his uncle and trainer, Evangelista? Now Tio E has filed a $7.5 million lawsuit against his formerly beloved nephew. Smartest move Cotto could make might be to smooth things over with Uncle E and bring him back to his corner for Pacman bout. It won’t happen, due to bruised pride, but it’s a sensible thought.

5. CAN MAN FACTOR: Pacquiao does not lose to “can men” meaning Mexi-cans, Ameri-cans or Puerto Ri-cans. He has, however, lost to a Thai and to a Filipino. (I know Erik Morales W 12 is the "Can Man" exception here.

6. MARGARITO FACTOR: Diminished but not destroyed. That would be a fair and accurate description of Cotto post the Margarito stoppage. What gets overlooked is that the judges had it close going into the penultimate round (TKO 11). There were signs of Cotto slippage in the Clottey bout.


I would be mightily impressed to see Megamanny stop Cotto. He might, especially if he can cut Cotto in the early or middle rounds. I would be satisfied and so should even the most rabid Pacquaio family jewels hugger if he takes a solid decision (8-4 in rounds?).

Make no mistake, Cotto will have his moments.

Never underestimate Puerto Rican pride. (I admit, I almost typed in “Mexican pride” out of habit.)

I will be shocked, shocked I say, if Packy gets rid of Cotto early a la the Hatton demolition. Ditto for a start to finish butt whipping like Manny handed reindeer and kangaroo meat eating Oscar.

Btw, has anyone heard from De La Hoya's nutrition guru or is he reupholstering VW Beetles in Tijuana?

This shapes up as a solid victory for Pacquiao and puts another arrow in his quill going into the Lollapalooza versus Mayweather in 2010.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m7d21-Pacquiao-beats-Cotto-in-prelude-to-Mayweather

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