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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Valero and Mosley affected by Cotto - Pacquiao announcement

Just like Oscar De La Hoya would put the best fighters in his division and those immediately surrounding him on hold as he decided who his next opponent would be, Manny Pacquiao has done the same in recent years as possible foes put their plans on hold in hope to cash in on the Manny Lottery. For several months Shane Mosley has been begging for a fight with Pacquiao, even offering to go down to 140 pounds for the clash and Edwin Valero has been chasing Pacman on a tuk-tuk for years.

Now that the world's best pound for pound best fighter selected Miguel Cotto for a November 14 battle at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, it has affected Mosley and Valero's plans and they will have to move onto other foes and smaller purses.

Shane Mosley - Shane lost a very public campaign to fight Pacquiao and will now have to give Andre Berto a bigger chunk of a three million dollar purse, or sit-out for nearly a year and hope he can catch the winner of Pacquiao - Cotto. Andre Berto must of been the happiest man in boxing as now a proposed fight with Mosley will be more of a reality for the young fighter, but via Twitter Berto stated he still does not believe Mosley is interested in fighting him.

Berto - Mosley would likely be a snore between two fighters who fight in a measured pace and are not shy in using holding as a tactical strategy, but if not Berto then who for "Sugar"?

Kermit Cintron is a possibility, but would Lou DiBella who promotes Berto and Cintron give a valued HBO date and high-level purse to anyone but his number one talent? Unlikely.

It is a shame to see Mosley sit on the shelf after the stunning accomplishment of dismantling Antonio Margarito back in January. More likely than not, Shane will have come back to Earth, give Berto more than $750,000 for a fight and hope he can out-wrestle the young fighter.

Edwin Valero - The Venezuelan lightweight has spent the better part of two years chasing around Pacquiao and was even quoted that a fight with Pacquiao is part of his contract with Top Rank Promotions.

Keep dreaming Edwin.

Having turned down a $200,000 payday to appear on Latin Fury and only wanting big fights, I am not really sure what is out there for the slugger. Green Mexican Antonio De Marco is the number one contender to Valero's WBC title, but I doubt Teiken (Valero's promoter) and Gary Shaw (De Marco's representation) could scrap together $10,000 for this fight.

If Juan Diaz defeats Paulie "Wii" Malignaggi, a battle between Diaz and Valero could be worth the sort of payday the Venezuelan thinks he deserves and give fights an exciting fight. Beyond that, there are very few prospective match-ups that would pay Valero the sort of money he wants in today's global economy.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-2850-LA-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m7d21-Valero-and-Mosley-effected-by-Cotto--Pacquiao-announcement

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  1. I think that Boxing is stack with great Boxers Mosley, and Valero are Superstar. I think that boxerare afraid of Mosley more because what he did in the Margarito fight. Mosley never got knockout. He is dangerous right now. He gave Miguel Cotto all he can handle.
    Edwin Valero Should get his Boxing License because he is showing all his opponents has been knockout. He also wantsto fight the best and they are ducking him.


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