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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pacquiao’s speed awes sparmate

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Undefeated super-welterweight Shawn Porter, the main sparring partner of Manny Pacquiao, asserted on Wednesday that he wasn’t bothered by the Filipino’s vaunted power but admitted he was awed by the pound-for-pound king’s other inimitable trait.

“Its’ not much about his power, it’s his speed,” Porter told the Bulletin.

The Ohio-bred Porter is said to be a clone of Miguel Cotto, who Pacquiao faces on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Porter, 21, the 2007 US Golden Gloves middleweight champion and alternate on the 2008 Olympic team, battled Pacquiao for three intense rounds at the Shape Up Gym inside the Cooyeesan Hotel in Baguio City.

In Thursday’s media day, Porter is going to be sent up again to bang with Pacquiao although their session will last for only two rounds since Pacquiao has also to contend with another sparmate, lightweight Urbano Antillon, for two rounds.

“I am looking forward to my second sparring with Manny, who is a great person outside the ring,” said Porter, who flew in last Sunday but only got to Baguio the following day owing to the inclement weather.

Taking center stage as well during Thursday’s open workout for the media is Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, who is arriving this morning from the US. Arum, who heads Top Rank Inc. will be in Baguio until Sunday morning.

In the coming weeks, Pacquiao will have to deal with Porter and Antillon and possibly another one to be flown over if ever Pacquiao decides to extend his training camp in the City of Pines.

Meanwhile, Cotto’s own training camp is doing very well, Bryan Perez, the Puerto Rican’s aide-de-camp revealed on Thursday.

Cotto has been working out at the Fight Factory in Tampa, Florida, the past two weeks.

“Everything is running up pretty well right now,” said Perez, who is also joined there by chief trainer Joe Santiago and conditioning coach Phil Landman.

Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/222735/pacquiao-s-speed-awes-sparmate

Manny better than Ali

Pacquiao vs Cotto News
Take it from founding WBC secretary-general and former PBA commissioner Rudy Salud. The world’s No. 1 fighter pound-for-pound today Manny Pacquiao is more exciting, more explosive and more extraordinary than Muhammad Ali ever was.

That’s saying a lot because Ali is such a legendary Hall of Famer. But Salud insists that when it comes down to brass tacks, Pacquiao stands head and shoulders above the Louisville Lip.

Salud says boxing isn’t show business – it’s serious business in the ring. “Manny brings excitement to the sport with his style, power and guts,” explains Salud. “Of course, Ali brought excitement, too, but sometimes, he just toyed around with his opponents. Ali did a lot of talking outside the ring. Manny does his talking inside the ring.”

Salud adds: “When Ali was crowded by his opponent, he threw mostly slapping punches. But with distance, he threw knuckle punches. Manny always hits with the knuckles because he is very quick in side or back-stepping to always give room for knuckle punches.”

Salud likens Pacquiao to Mike Tyson in that both were undersized, often going up against bigger foes. “I think Manny is like Tyson in that respect – they were like David fighting Goliath,” he continues. “That’s why the whole world loves a fighter like Manny. He gives it his all no matter how big his opponent is. Filipinos respect that in Manny.”

Of the legendary fighters in history, Salud ranks Pacquiao way up in the list. “You look at the greatest fighters ever – Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Robinson, Alexis Arguello, Roy Jones and the rest,” he says. “On a pound-for-pound basis, I don’t think you’ll find anyone who matches what Manny brings to the ring. I’ve seen a lot of fighters come and go but Manny is one of a kind.”

If Pacquiao beats WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas on Nov. 14, he will become the only fighter ever to win world titles in seven weight divisions.

“Right now, no Filipino fighter comes close to Manny,” says Salud. “If I were to rate the best Filipino fighters today, I would put Manny No. 1 but No. 2, 3, 4 and 5 would be vacant because he’s just too way ahead. I would rank A. J. Banal No. 6 and Nonito Donaire No. 7.”

Salud says in his opinion, there are only three Filipinos in history who have brought significant honor and glory to the country – former United Nations secretary-general Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, former President Cory Aquino and Pacquiao.

“When I paid my respects to former President Cory at her wake, I spoke to Sen. Noynoy (Aquino) and I told him that,” says Salud. “I told him Gen. Romulo gave us a lot of pride because of his intelligence and diplomacy, that his mother was a blessing to our country when she restored our democracy and that Manny has brought honor and joy to the Filipino people.”

Salud expects Banal, now campaigning as a bantamweight, to someday become a world champion.

“Banal is young and has world championship potential,” he says. “He will eventually make his mark. I don’t see him as a transient champion like a Florante Condes. In one or two years, he’ll mature. As for Donaire, I think he has to work a little harder. He has a tendency to oversell himself, a little like Ali. But Donaire is very smart. He knows how to win. He won’t engage an opponent if he thinks it’s a risky proposition.”

* * * *

Meanwhile, boxing guru Hermie Rivera writes from Newark, California, explaining why Baguio is a better training site for Pacquiao than Toluca in Mexico.

“Baguio, the city of pines, has three entry points which could serve the Pacman’s need for high altitude roadwork – Kennon Road which the colonial Gringos built, Naguilian Road and the Marcos Highway,” he says. “Baguio’s huge monument of Ferdinand Marcos could serve as mute inspiration to Manny’s early-morning assault of its steepy ascents.”

A rabid Marcos loyalist, Rivera sends a reminder. “The late president was a bantamweight champion of the State University and a true boxing fan, di ba?” adds Rivera. Now as rabid a loyalist for Pacquiao, Rivera says, “there’s no statute of limitation on Manny’s greatness.”

As for Baguio weather and the city’s natives, Rivera says both are pleasant. “The weather is mildly cool and the natives, friendly and pretty,” he goes on. “It’s the one area you’ll likely leave your heart once you step into its pine-clad locality. I know. I was born in lovely Baguio. I caution Freddie Roach of Baguio’s irresistible looks – else he’ll convert his civil status to a double M (for married na married) after falling for its pristine charm.”

In a parting shot, Rivera sets the record straight, officially and unofficially. “Officially, Baguio is the summer capital of the republic,” he says. “Unofficially, it’s the year-round capital of dog meat aficionados. The natives go blind relishing this pulutan delicacy, chased by bootleg gin or 360-proof rum – guaranteed.”

Knowing Hermie, you’ll never be sure if he’s pulling your leg or not.

Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=510048&publicationSubCategoryId=69

Cotto quietly shaping into fighting form under Pacquiao's shadow

Quietly, one of boxing's best and Puerto Rico's number one pugilist Miguel Cotto has been sharpening his knives under the shadow of the same little giant he aims to slay on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. That little giant has been wrecking havoc in the world of boxing, conquering different weight classes and demolishing beloved heroes along the way.

So understandably, despite Cotto's own popularity, he has been overlooked and has been subjected to play second fiddle next to the little giant that is surrounded by myths and legends because of his gargantuan accomplishments in the ring. It's a feeling Cotto isn't used to, as he himself has headlined numerous fights cards in the past and is one of the most popular fighters that has ever laced gloves at the Madison Square Garden in New York. But with the looks of it, Cotto seems not to mind floating under the radar and is focused on nothing but overcoming the challenge at hand. Cotto wrote in his official Twitter page that he feels great and has constantly been updating his followers of how smooth and effective his training has been in the past few weeks. While the media (myself included) have followed his opponent closely and have been distracted by the return of Mayweather, Cotto has been slowly shaping into fighting form.

Cotto started training for his next fight at least a month earlier than his foe. He started doing strength and conditioning and doing some mitt work and hitting the bags to prepare his body for a rigorous camp that is divided into to stages. The first stage is behind him wherein he focused on this body conditioning while in Puerto Rico. Now Cotto has headed to Tampa, Florida to focus on strategy and their game plan on how to defeat his opponent. (In case you just crawled from under a rock, Cotto's opponent is Manny Pacquiao.)

Cotto's team said they will study everything about Pacquiao and analyze their best course of attack against the fast and heavy hitting puncher from the Philippines while in Tampa. In an interview translated from a feature by Primera Hora.com, Cotto's head trainer Joe James, who will work his second bout as head coach after replacing Miguel's uncle Evangelista Cotto after an ugly falling out,

"Up until today we've held several meetings to examine what Manny can bring to the fight," and added, "We are watching many Pacquiao fights. We also saw his two fights where he was defeated, but we are still watching more. Although he has dominated, there is always something we can capitalize on. We do not rule out any fight."

Miguel in his part is aware of what Pacquiao is capable of and chimed in during the New York leg of the press tour for this fight,

"The punch he gave Ricky Hatton, if he hits with this kind of punch, he can throw Mike Tyson to the canvas," said Cotto, and added "But I'll be ready."

Obviously, Cotto is giving Pacquiao all the respect in the world and if his early preparations for Pacquiao isn't indication enough, he is readying himself for the biggest fight of his life. And ironically, Cotto isn't only the bigger and stronger guy, he is also the toughest and best opponent Pacquiao will have to face yet.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-10947-Indianapolis-Fight-Sports-Examiner~y2009m9d30-Cotto-quietly-shaping-into-fighting-form-under-Pacquiaos-shadow


Pacquiao vs Cotto
In terms of talent and overall skills, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has no equal as far as active fighters are concerned. He has never tasted defeat in all of his 40 fights. Although undefeated records are often overrated, that's not the case with Mayweather. During his journey to become a multiple divisional champion, he fought and defeated other world champions, including the likes of Jose Luis Castillo, Diego Corrales, Genaro Hernandez, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Zab Judah, just to name a few.

Time and time again, Floyd Mayweather has made "easy work" of his opponents. In the case of Diego Corrales, he faced an undefeated boxer who had knocked out the majority of his opponents. At the time, many considered the then undefeated Corrales to be his toughest challenge and yet Mayweather made him look like an amateur en route to a KO victory. In fact, the only boxer who's ever come close to claiming a victory over Mayweather is Jose Luis Castillo in a bout that ended with Mayweather earning a controversial decision. Although some fans believe Castillo won that fight, the bout was still extremely close considering that Mayweather broke his hand very early in the fight. Mayweather, however, put all doubts to rest when he himself demanded an immediate rematch and easily dominated Castillo in the second fight.

As a super featherweight and lightweight, Mayweather's dominance was unquestioned as he packed the power to match his speed. Moving up in weight, he continued to cruise to easy decisions over champions in the jr. welterweight, welterweight and jr. middleweight division, and yet, for some reason, he still doesn't get the recognition that he feels he deserves. But why is that?

If you listen to Mayweather, he'll tell you that his race has everything to do with it. Being an African American, Mayweather feels as though he was not promoted as equally as fellow fighters of different races, particularly those that are of Latin decent. In a sport that's dominated by minorities, however, the recognition he's lacking has absolutely nothing to do with race. During his time in the lower weight classes, many of today's aging or retired fighters, like Shane Mosley, Felix Trinidad, Fernando Vargas, Roy Jones Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya, were still in their prime. Plus, smaller fighters like Erik Morales, Prince Naseem Hamed and Marco Antonio Barrera were going to war with each other and giving us entertaining bouts. While Mayweather was busy facing respectable, but lesser-known fighters like Justin Juuko, Emanuel Burton and Jesus Chavez, he was being overshadowed by many of his contemporaries at the time.

Not to mention, at welterweight, Floyd's resume is questionable at best. He easily defeated natural lightweights Sharmba Mitchell and Juan Manuel Marquez. He also defeated the erratic Zab Judah, a small welterweight who really belongs in the jr. welterweight division, as well as Ricky Hatton, who was also moving up in weight from the jr. welterweight division. In fact, the only legitimate, full-fledged welterweight he faced was the one-dimensional Carlos Baldomir. His best win recently may have been when he moved up yet again to face then jr. middleweight champion Oscar De La Hoya, who he beat via split decision. While those are solid wins and Mayweather should be given full credit for each of them, his credibility will certainly be questioned, as it has, when he claims to be the best in the division, but has yet to face any of the elite fighters in the division, like Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito or Joshua Clottey.

Meanwhile, as all of this went on, we slowly saw the emergence of a rising star from the Pacific named Manny Pacquiao. By the time Mayweather had finally reached the pinnacle of the sport and began to get the recognition he's sought, he decided to retire. His absence allowed Pacquiao to surface as a superstar, surpassing all challenges and expectations placed before him. With his dynamic and crowd-pleasing performances, Pacquiao has arguably become more popular than Mayweather. While that might be due to Pacquiao's recent accomplishments rather than any of Mayweather shortcomings, what fans remember the most in fighters are their performances.

Also, Mayweather lacks that one career-defining fight. He's never been involved in a mega-fight brawl like Hagler vs. Hearns. He's never participated in memorable fights like Corrales vs. Castillo, Barrera vs. Morales or even Gatti vs. Ward. While it takes two to tango and all the blame doesn't necessarily lie with him, Mayweather has also made some questionable decisions in regards to challenging himself with the best in and around his division. After his fight with Hatton, there was great demand for him to face Miguel Cotto or Shane Mosley. There was also a young, but worthy potential opponent by the name of Paul Williams who was making a name for himself. When he finally made it to the top, instead of testing his skills against the best, Mayweather decided to retire after the Hatton fight. Had he chosen to fight the above mentioned fighters, there's no doubt that he would be one of the most respected boxers today. More importantly, had he beaten them all, it would have been very reasonable for someone to mention his name in the same class as Sugar Ray Robinson or Sugar Ray Leonard.

The biggest problem, however, is that Mayweather's attitude has made it difficult for fans to like him. His blatant arrogance and constant proclamation of being the best has made him a target for critics. Again, in sports, particularly boxing, it's all about what you have done lately; not what you have done in the past. Right now, all eyes are on Floyd Mayweather Jr. as people wonder what his next move will be. It's a decision that will not only decide whether or not he is a great fighter, but also where he ranks among the best in the history of the sport. It's all on you Floyd. If it's truly about the love of the sport, then give the fans a fight, a real fight, that they all want to see.

Source: http://fighthype.com/pages/content5802.html


Pacquiao vs Cotto
"Man nobody expected Lil Floyd to look the way he did against Marquez," stated world-renowned trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. as he shared his thoughts on his son's impressive unanimous decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez. Mayweather Jr. was so dominant in his performance, controlling the action throughout, that he practically pitched a shutout on all three scorecards against arguably the second best boxer in the world. Obviously proud of his son's nearly flawless victory, Mayweather Sr. issued a warning to Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao. "Pacquiao can forget about it now. He don't want none of Lil Floyd," he emphatically stated.

Never one to pull any punches, Mayweather Sr. made sure to point out Pacquiao's own struggles with Marquez in their previous 2 fights. "Everyone wants to talk about the weight. Weight aint have nothing to do with that. It was all about skill set. People are upset that Pacquiao was in a life and death fight with Marquez twice and Lil Floyd toyed with him," Mayweather Sr. added, "Pacquiao had the man down 3 times in one round and hurt bad and couldn't finish him. Not only could he not finish him, he got his ears boxed off after that, so what do you think my son would do to him?"

What would Floyd Mayweather Jr. do to Manny Pacquiao? That remains to be seen, but I'm sure there's a lot of Pacquiao fans who disagree with Big Floyd's assessment and would like to know just the opposite; what do you think Pacquiao is going to do to his son? Personally, I'm skeptical as to whether or not we'll ever get a chance to see the real "Dream Match" to determine the true "Number One/Numero Uno". However, the hype has already begun and the heat is on to make this fight a reality. Mayweather may not need Pacquiao and Pacquiao may not need Mayweather, but boxing, as a sport, needs this fight to take place!

Source: http://fighthype.com/pages/content5801.html

Roach Changes His Mind, Says Pacquiao Will Knock Cotto Out

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Call your bookie.

Freddie Roach has become renowned for his spot-on predictions over the last year, and so when a few months ago, soon after the November 14th Pacquiao/Cotto fight was made, Freddie called it as Pac by decision, many took it as written in stone.

Not Freddie though. He's having second thoughts. After checking out where Manny is at in his training, he's now thinking stoppage.

“I picked him to win by decision," Roach told the Inquirer of the Philippines, "but until I started working with him to this camp, the way he’s punching, his speed… we will knock this guy out.”

This comes in the aftermath of the Mayweather/Marquez mismatch, which gave many pause who previously had seen Pacquiao as a lock to beat Cotto. The size difference played such a clear role in Mayweather dominating Marquez, and Mayweather isn't even a big welterweight. Along those lines, Cotto, who is a very big welterweight, may prove just too big for Manny after all.

There is the equalizing issue of Pacquiao's phenomenal handspeed to consider, however, and Roach sees this as the key to victory. “Basically we’re going to have a fast start and we’re not going to give [Cotto] any momentum,” said Roach. “The way Manny is really fighting right now, I guess we’re going to frustrate Cotto with his speed.”

Source: http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/The_Rumble/entry/view/36943/roach_changes_his_mind,_says_pacquiao_will_knock_cotto_out

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pacquiao will knock Cotto out, says Roach

Pacquiao vs Cotto
MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao to beat Miguel Cotto by decision? Trainer Freddie Roach is having second thoughts.

Impressed by the frenetic pace by which Pacquiao is attacking his preparations for his fight against the Puerto Rican, Roach now believes that the Filipino ring icon has what it takes to knock out the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion.

“I picked him to win by decision, but until I started working with him to this camp, the way he’s punching, his speed, we will knock this guy out,” Roach said of Pacquiao, who announced over national television Tuesday that he was donating P1 million to relief drives for the victims of Tropical Storm “Ondoy.”

“I commiserate with the victims of the tropical storm,” Pacquiao told a news station in Filipino, adding that he will try to fly to Manila on Sunday during a break in training to distribute relief goods to victims of the flash sloods triggered by Ondoy. “We will be giving rice, noodles and other relief goods.”

Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 knockouts) will battle Cotto (34-1, 27 KOs) over 12-rounds for the Puerto Rican’s World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown on Nov. 14 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Both combatants agreed to fight at a catch weight of 145 lb.

Things picked up in Team Pacquiao’s preparation for that bout with sparring sessions kicking off Tuesday.

Pacquiao’s sparring partners Shawn Porter and Urbano Untillon hit the Philippine summer capital yesterday, with Freddie Roach describing Porter as the one who can really mimic the Puerto Rican Cotto.

Porter, who is bigger than Cotto, moves like the Puerto Rican star. Porter, a middleweight, is listed as 5-foot-7 and owns a record of 10-0 record, with eight wins by knockout.

Antillon, a former Pacquiao sparring partner who owns a victory over the Filipino’s younger brother Bobby, owns an impressive record of 26-1, with 19 knockouts.

“Basically we’re going to have a fast start and we’re not going to give [Cotto] any momentum,” said Roach. “The way Manny is really fighting right now, I guess we’re going to frustrate Cotto with his speed.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Mayweather, uncle of undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr., feels that a Pacquiao loss to Cotto will not rub off the luster from a showdown between the Filipino ring icon and the undefeated American.

“Just as long as he doesn’t lose in a devastating manner it would still be the biggest fight out there,” said Mayweather.
With a report from Francis T.J. Ochoa

Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/professional/professional/view/20090930-227554/Pacquiao-will-knock-Cotto-out-says-Roach

Pacquiao doesn't need a fight with Mayweather but Boxing does

Pacquiao vs Cotto Live Streaming
Kobe didn't need to win a fourth ring to prove that he's a winner. Lance Armstrong didn't have to win a seventh straight Tour De France title to establish his greatness. Derek Jeter didn't have to break Lou Gehrig's all-time hits record to be considered a Yankee legend.

Winners though, know no limitations. That's probably what separates a man like Manny Pacquiao from his peers. Recently, my fellow Examiner from Dallas Matt Stolow wrote an article saying how Pacquiao does not need a Mayweather fight for his career to be complete. Honestly, I agree. You won't get any arguments on me on that one. Pacquiao will go down as one of the greatest of all time with or without fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Actually, Pacquiao doesn't even need to fight Cotto. Just like he didn't have to go up in weight and test the waters at 147 in a fight against the much bigger and taller Oscar Dela Hoya nor did he have to fight the undefeated champion at 140 in Ricky Hatton.

Pacquiao could've simply stayed at 135 had he wanted to and cleaned up that division and still be considered a legend of the sport. Why couldn't he when people consider the likes of Barrera and Morales as greats when those two have not won a title north of 130?

But that's what makes Pacquiao so special. He isn't your typical guy who will be content in saying "I don't have to". He will if he can. That's why he gives when a lot of people say he needs to stop. That's why he's where he's at while those who were once ahead of him have long been forgotten. Pacquiao is the type of man who aspires for greatness, and greatness to him knows no limits. Why do you think he wants to run for public office? Yes, he wants to help his people, but part of it is the prestige of becoming a politician from being simply an uneducated street kid growing up. No, he doesn't need to fight Mayweather but does he want to? Yes. Because he knows its what the people want and it will be perhaps the final test to his already stellar career.

And that's what real fans of a sport get attracted to- the pursuit of greatness. Some people will get fooled by hype but real recognize real. Just like how millions have followed Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan's pursuit to be the best. And to me, that's really the difference between Pac and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Similar to their fighting styles, Floyd plays it safe- which is smart, I have nothing against that- compared to Pacquiao who lays it all on the line and fights until he has nothing left. In his own words, "I just want to make people happy", and as he told his opponents and aspiring conquerers, "Knock me out, then you win," because chances are, if you don't knock him out, he will. Unless you of course will run for your life, but is that really what you call a fight?

True, boxing is a sweet science. I'll tell you this though, without a Manny Pacquiao and if the world indeed is filled with boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and as he claims to be the "cash cow" of boxing, that cash cow will soon be dried up of any milking, because truth be told, the world might have bought Money Mayweather's recent fight out of curiosity and the hype, but sooner than later, his running defensive style gets old. If Dana White truly wants to send Boxing a death wish, all he needs to do is train Mayweather-type of fighters all at the same time to dominate boxing. Maybe when that time comes, they'd have ringside beds instead of seats because truly, fighters like Mayweather can put even insomniacs to sleep.

So yea, Pacquiao doesn't need Floyd and neither does Floyd need Pacquiao. They have carved their own legacies and have indeed polarized Boxing's definition of greatness. But for the sake of the sport, we need this fight to go down, unless of course if Pacquiao gets an ugly beat down on November in the hands of Miguel Cotto.

There's so much money to be made and the world is dying to see it. I will put on my Nostradamus Halloween costume as early as today and say that if Pacquiao beats Cotto and faces Mayweather next, it will the biggest fight in boxing history and will set a record that will not be broken within the next couple of decades. Believe that. The stage has been set, and if you really think Pacquiao and Mayweather does not need to happen, then I guess you truly aren't a boxing fan.


Source: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-10947-Indianapolis-Fight-Sports-Examiner~y2009m9d29-Pacquiao-doesnt-need-a-fight-with-Mayweather-but-Boxing-does-part-1

Pacquiao, sparmate toe-to-toe

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Manny Pacquiao went three blistering rounds with unbeaten super-welterweight Shawn Porter as the Filipino pound-for-pound king's training for his November 14 clash with Miguel Cotto went up a notch with his first sparring session.

“They both traded hard shots,” said Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach after the workout at the Shape Up Gym inside the Cooyeesan Hotel in Baguio City. “Porter is (very strong).”

Now that sparring has started, Pacquiao will now have to do it thrice a week and on Thursday, Roach said he will go four rounds, two with the Ohio-bred Porter and another two with Urbano Antillon, a lightweight contender from California.

After Wednesday's session, Pacquiao will have to get himself ready again for the Saturday session.

Porter and Antillon arrived in the country from Los Angeles last Sunday but only made it to Baguio the following day due to massive flooding in Metropolis and low-lying areas in Luzon the past few days.

Porter, 21, an alternate in the US team to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, has a 10-0 win-loss card with eight knockouts and is revving up for a fight sometime in the third week of November in Mississippi.

Owing to the similarity of his fighting style to Cotto, Porter will be Pacquiao's main sparring partner.

“He's just perfect (for this training camp),” said Roach, who will camp out in the City of Pines until Pacquiao advises his entire team to transfer to either Los Angeles or even straight to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, who heads Top Rank Inc., is arriving in Manila tomorrow morning for the media day scheduled that day.

If weather permits, Arum will be flown to Baguio by former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson's private plane.

If it is deemed unsafe to travel by air because of the current weather conditions, Arum will be brought there on board one of Singson's full-sized SUVs.

Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/222599/pacquiao-sparmate-toetotoe

Sparmate Porter gives Pacquiao a hard workout

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Unbeaten junior middleweight prospect Shawn Porter gave Manny Pacquiao a hard workout on his first day of sparring at his Baguio training camp.

Porter engaged the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter in three intense rounds, highlighted by numerous exchanges of hard shots, according to the few people lucky enough to witness the slambang action held behind closed doors at the Shape-Up gym inside the Cooyesan Hotel Plaza.

“The three-round sparring was good, really good," said Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz.

“Malaki tsaka malakas," said a source, who saw the 21-year-old Porter of Akron, Ohio spar with Pacquiao for the very first time.

Porter, holder of a perfect 10-0 ring record with 8 KOs, is a first-time Pacquiao sparmate in training camp. Trainer Freddie Roach thoroughly handpicked him to precisely imitate the fighting style of Miguel Cotto, the reigning WBO welterweight titlist from Puerto Rico whom Pacquiao fights on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“He’s perfect for this training camp," said Roach of the 2007 National Golden gloves middleweight champion.

Porter is one of two Pacquiao sparmates now in Baguio City trying to get the Filipino ring icon in perfect shape for his 12-round fight with Cotto.

Lightweight Urbano Antillon, a regular Pacquiao sparmate, is the other one, while on a standby call is another Pacman regular sparring partner David Rodela as well as Puerto Rican Raymond Tito Serrano.

Sparring for the 30-year-old boxing champ will be held thrice a week or every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

By Thursday, he will go two rounds each with Antillon and Porter in time for the arrival of Top Rank big boss Bob Arum.

The veteran boxing promoter will be immediately whisked to the City of Pines shortly upon arriving in Manila early morning of Thursday.

Arum’s visit at the Pacquiao training camp marks the scheduled media day arranged by the boxing superstars’ handlers, when training and workout by the Filipino ring idol will be made open to members of the working press. - GMANews.TV

Source: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/173408/sparmate-porter-gives-pacquiao-a-hard-workout

Pacman's sparring partner tall, tough

Pacquiao vs Cotto
MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao marked Day One of his sparring sessions yesterday, did three rounds with Shawn Porter and found the young American light-middleweight a tough nut to crack at the Shape Up Gym in Baguio City.

Pacquiao found the 21-year-old Porter, a Golden Gloves champion in 1997, a little too heavy and a little too strong than expected. But give the Filipino icon a few more days of sparring and things will definitely turn around.

“It was a very good sparring,” said Team Pacquiao’s Mike Koncz.

“Shawn has got the power and although obviously he’s not of the same skill level as Manny, he can punch. And that’s good because that would keep Manny’s defense up,” said the Canadian adviser of Pacquiao.

“Manny has got to keep his defense because this kid can punch,” said Koncz of Porter who can hurt his opponents with left hooks to the body, a shot that Miguel Cotto should have plenty of when he faces Pacquiao on Nov. 14.

Pacquiao, as usual, had wanted a couple of extra rounds, and would have called in the other sparring partner on tap, Urbano Antillon, up on the ring. But this time, chief trainer Freddie Roach had his way in holding him back.

“Manny was asking for a couple more rounds but Freddie said, ‘No,’” Koncz told The STAR. He added that given a few more rounds, Pacquiao will definitely be all over Porter or anyone else thrown at him in sparring.

“In a few weeks this kid won’t be able to find Manny.”

Pacquiao was out of the gym by 3 p.m. and from there he went straight up to his hotel room for a short nap.

Porter, undefeated in 10 fights, with six knockout wins coming in the first round, raised some eyebrows when he climbed the ring to spar with Manny. He seemed too big for Pacquiao, who will fight Cotto at 145 lb.

“He was much bigger but that’s good because he got to push Manny around. I also think he’s the heaviest puncher Manny has ever sparred with. But a few more sessions and I don’t think he can last with Manny,” said Koncz.

The doors to the boxing gym where Pacquiao will train for the next four weeks were closed to the media and fans yesterday, particularly since it was the first day of sparring for the reigning pound-for-pound champion.

On Thursday, however, Pacquiao will let them in when he holds a media workout. His promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank, will be around on that day, and will spend the weekend in Baguio to see how things are going.

Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=509753&publicationSubCategoryId=69

Pacquiao career doesn't need a Mayweather fight (part one)

Pacquiao vs Cotto
While trainer Freddie Roach is keeping Manny Pacquiao focused on Miguel Cotto Nov.14, the rest of us are looking for our next ultimate mega super fight. Of course for the past year the big fight is Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Last week's Mayweather, Jr. unanimous decision over Juan Manuel Marquez has finally convinced me that Manny doesn't need anything to do with Mayweather.

Mayweather was obviously naturally and any other way bigger than Marquez. And Marquez is naturally and otherwise bigger than Pacquiao.

So do the math. I'm not saying Mayweather is better than Pacquiao. I'm saying what I'm saying. He's too big.

I'm saying your natural weight division is what you are at the ripe old age of 21. This doesn't mean your best fighting weight, just best natural weight.

At about 21, Pacquiao was fighting at between 115 and 122 Juan Manuel Marquez was between 122 and 124.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was already in world title fights at 130 at age 21.

The natural weight difference obscures the skill levels at this point. It's not a fair fight.

Now, if it's just for the money and the two fighters and the Nevada commission look away at the scale as one Las Vegas supervisor looked away at the hand wrapping of Antonio Margarito's hands, well fine. go ahead.

But Manny Pacquiao has too much class for that.

We now know the relative answer to the question: "Would you give up $600,000 to guarantee your opponent has no way to make up the weight difference in a fight you are guaranteed a minimum $10,000,000 and future eight figure paydays?

Sure, Manny could pull down $20 million (USD) that night, but is it worth it to give Mayweather such a ridiculous competitive advantage and possibly lose your last fight that way?

Muhammad Ali (sort of) and Joe Louis came back to fight for money and were humiliated, and possibly suffered serious physical damage. For the sake of argument, I think history will be very kind to Pacquiao and I'l putting him in this rarefied air. However both Ali and Louis were loved internationally for their courage for their entire careers, not for winning one fight.

In fact Ali (Joe Frazier) and Louis (Max Schmeling) had to win rematches. If Pacquiao were to be dominated by Mayweather the way Marquez was, could he walk away from the sport after such a disappointing loss?

End of Part One

***I want to applaud my friend and brother examiner.com reporter Micheal Marley for taking on the project of raising funds for those flooded in the Philippines. I will join him in this effort and hope you will also.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-11372-Dallas-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m9d28-Pacquiao-career-doesnt-need-a-Mayweather-fight-part-one

Sparring partners give Pacquiao edge over Cotto

Pacquiao vs Cotto
As Manny Pacquiao's sparring partners Urbano Antillon and Shawn Porter arrived in Baguio city, the Pac Man has been busy training at the only pace he knows how to train- relentless, almost maniacal.

Perhaps that's why Pacquiao's handlers have told the sparring partners to be prepared as Pacquiao himself said he is excited to start sparring.

Shawn Porter has been described by Freddie Roach and some who have seen him fight as a Miguel Cotto clone. Porter is a little bit bigger than Cotto and moves and pops like Pacquiao's Puerto Rican foe. Boxrec.com lists Porter as 5'7 light middleweight with a 10-0 record, 8 of which coming by knockout.

Antillon on the other hand is a regular Pacquiao sparring partner and provides a gauge for Pacquiao's development. Incidentally, Antillon is responsible for knocking out Pacquiao's younger brother Bobby in 2008. Antillon is coming off the first loss of his career and boasts an impressive record of 26-1 with 19 wins coming by KO.

David Rodela, another regular Pacquiao sparring partner and Raymond Tito Serrano, a Puerto Rican champion who could match the moves of Cotto, round up the list of Pacquiao's spar mates.

All of the sparring partners were selected masterfully by Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach and should give Pacquiao and edge against Cotto in preparations.

Other than Cotto not having his uncle and old trainer Evangelista in his corner, he will also be watched over by Joe Santiago who is more of a conditioning coach and nutritionist than an expert trainer. Reports said that Cotto started sparring with Ivan Calderon a few weeks back to mimic Pacquiao's speed and movement.

I can see how Calderon can try and mimic Pacquiao's speed but Cotto is definitely at a disadvantage in the preparation department. Not only is Calderon smaller at 5'0, he doesn't have the punching power, aggressiveness and relentless movement Pacquiao brings to the ring. And the hardest part of all, Cotto may have trained earlier than Pacquiao, but how can he train his chin that's been questionable in the past, to take the devastating blow of a Pacquiao left cross? Maybe his best shot might be preparing to come in overweight the way Floyd Mayweather Jr. did against Marquez. Based however on the character Cotto has displayed which is definitely more honorable than Mayweather, I don't think he would resort to something like that just to give him an edge.

On a side note, it's funny how the Mayweathers accuse Pacquiao of bogus steroid allegations just for him to get an edge against his opponents while their boy breaks catch-weight clauses and would be willing to pay extra money just to gain an edge over his opponents.

Somehow I am reminded of a quote one of my basketball coaches used to tell me,

"Real winners play fair, and real cheaters are those who are first to accuse others of cheating."

As they say, it takes one to know one.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-10947-Indianapolis-Fight-Sports-Examiner~y2009m9d28-Sparring-partners-give-Pacquiao-edge-over-Cotto

Monday, September 28, 2009

Roach not looking past Cotto, Mayweather

Pacquiao vs Cotto Freddie Roach
MANILA, Philippines - If famed American trainer Freddie Roach has his way, it would be wise for Manny Pacquiao to end his illustrious career with victories over Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“If he retires after this (Cotto) fight I’ll be fine with that also,” Roach told the Inquirer over breakfast at the Manor Hotel in Baguio City Monday.

“If negotiations with Mayweather fail and Manny wins against Cotto, he’ll be having seven world titles. Nobody has done that before, so there’s nothing else to prove.”

Pacquiao is preparing to challenge Cotto for the Puerto Rican’s World Boxing Organization welterweight title on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas. And Mayweather, a recent winner over Juan Manuel Marquez, looms as the Filipino superstar’s possible next foe next year.

Roach, who considers Pacquiao not only as his best fighter ever but a true friend, said his fame as a trainer is strengthened by his association with the General Santos lefty.

“Even though I’d be losing my best fighter, I would love to see him retire on top of the world,” said Roach. “A lot of people tried to get rid of me along the way but not Manny Pacquiao.”

“He’s been very loyal to me and I to him. We’ve had a great relationship and we’re going to be friends for life, that’s for sure.”

Recently, American promoter Bob Arum said Pacquiao will be raking in more money if the Filipino ring icon wins a congressional seat in Saranggani province in next year’s elections.

The astute promoter even plans to christen Pacquiao “The Fighting Congressman,” a moniker which doesn’t excite Roach any.

Arum named Venezuelan knockout artist Edwin Valero, up-and-coming Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley as potential foes of Pacquiao next year.

“There are lots of good fighters out there,” said Roach. “And the way Manny’s going right now, I think he has maybe a year or two in him if he really wants to do that.

“But the thing is, if he wants to get into politics, he needs to do that full time because as a politician there’s a lot of work in there. That’s why I don’t need him to do both.”

Another concern for Roach—who endures Parkinson’s disease as a result of an extended ring career—is seeing Pacquiao end up being the springboard to fame of young, up-and-coming boxers.

“I’ve seen many sad stories about fighters staying around too long and end up getting beat and being the stepping stone [of others]. I won’t allow that to happen because he is such a great kid,” added Roach.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s sparring session is expected to start Tuesday with the arrival of sparring partners Shawn Porter, an undefeated American welterweight campaigner and Mexican-American Urbano Antillon over the weekend.

Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/professional/professional/view/20090929-227376/Roach-not-looking-past-Cotto-Mayweather

Pacquiao's Boxercise

Pacquiao vs Cotto Training
To me the two most marvelous exhibitions of boxing training amongst current fighters are Floyd Mayweather’s work on the jump rope and focus mitts, and Manny Pacquiao’s shadowboxing. Yes, neither of them is a clear indication of what they can do in the ring, but they show what kind of athletes these guys are and what they do in the gym.

The short clip below, starting at twenty seconds, shows that Pac’s hands are as blazing fast as ever, nearly two months before the fight. I’ve heard people say that Manny’s hands are no faster than those of Shane Cotto or Zab Judah, and that may be true for a single punch, but there is no fighter in the sport who can put punches together with the speed, ferocity, and power that Pacquiao can. Whether Cotto’s power can compensate for Manny’s gifts is unclear, but Cotto has clearly never faced anyone like Pacquiao before.

While that is a discussion perhaps best left for another day, check out the footage at 2:00 minutes in for some true hilarity. How would you like to have that little monster standing next to you in boxercise class? It’s impossible not to love the guy, and a good thing he knows how to pull his punches.

Source: http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/The_Rumble/entry/view/36707/pacquiaos_boxercise

Sparring partners ready for Pacman's fury

Pacquiao vs Cotto Sparring Partner
MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao’s sparring partners, American Shawn Porter and Mexican Urbano Antillon, did not waste time priming themselves up for the beating up ahead.

They flew in from Los Angeles last Sunday but because of the poor weather were forced to spend the day in Manila. They were brought up to Baguio City yesterday.

Barely rested, Porter and Antillon joined Pacquiao at the gym, doing their own thing as the Filipino pound-for-pound champion worked out under Freddie Roach.

“Naghanda na din para hindi masaktan sa bugbugan bukas (They’re getting ready for tomorrow’s beating),” said Team Pacquiao’s Roger Fernandez of the sparring partners.

“Alam nilang mapapalaban sila, eh (They know they’ll be in for some roughing up),” added Fernandez of Porter, undefeated in 10 fights, and Antillon, a veteran of 27 fights.

Pacquiao was getting ready himself for the tougher days ahead, and instead of the normal two hours, he stayed at the gym for close to three hours.

“Ayaw tumigil. Alam mo naman si Manny (He wouldn’t stop. You know Manny),” said Fernandez, adding that Pacquiao worked out so hard as if he did not run in the morning.

Nonoy Neri, the assistant trainer, said Pacquiao is getting along so well, and barely a week up in Baguio has flashed the form you’d normally see him a month into training.

“Lumalabas na ang bilis. Ang power naman nandiyan na (His speed is starting to show and his power has always been there),” said Neri, who also dabbles as Pacquiao’s chef.

“Grabe ang ensayo kanina (It was a tough workout earlier),” added Neri. He said Pacquiao should kick off his sparring sessions with four rounds – two each with Porter and Antillon.

Porter, according to Freddie Roach, will try to imitate Miguel Cotto with his heavy left hooks to the body. Porter, a light-middleweight, can knock out a foe with a single shot to the body.

“I really like him in this camp,” said Roach of the 1997 National Golden Gloves champion in the US. He needed only 18 rounds to win his first 10 fights, with six knockouts coming in the first round.

Antillon is not new to the Pacquiao camp, having been there before. He’s a lightweight with a ring record of 26-1-0 with 19 knockouts, including one over Bobby Pacquiao.

Antillon knocked out the younger Pacquiao with a single body shot in the first round of their scheduled 10-rounder in March last year at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. – Abac Cordero

Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=509517&publicationSubCategoryId=69

Pacquiao begins rigid sparring sessions

Pacquiao vs Cotto Updates
BAGUIO CITY — Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao will now enter the most difficult part of his five-week training camp in this mountain resort city as he starts holding sparring sessions with four foreign boxers chosen by three-time trainer of the year Freddie Roach.

Buboy Fernandez, Pacquiao’s assistant trainer, said the sparring mates of the Filipino world champion have moves similar to that of Puerto Rican welterweight champion Miguel Cotto to help Manny prepare necessary techniques to outwit and outbox the much bigger and powerful boxer.

Pacquiao and Cotto will be mixing it up inside the ring for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown held by the Puerto Rican on November 14, 2009 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The four sparring mates of Pacquiao include David Rodela; Shawn Porter, an African-American who was a former member of the US Olympic team; Urbano Antillon, WBO super featherweight champion who knocked down Manny’s brother, Bobby Pacquiao in a title bout early this year, and Raymond Tito Serrano, a Puerto Rican champion who could match the moves of Cotto.

Fernandez said the sparring sessions with the foreign boxers will be done in a staggered manner so as not to overwork the champion and to allow him to reach his peak form during the fight.

Team Pacquiao is confident their ward will be able to adjust to Cotto’s style with the help of his sparring mates to emerge victorious.

Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/222401/pacquiao-begins-rigid-sparring-sessions

Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather on speed says Amir Khan

Pacquiao vs Cotto News
Amir Khan returns to Los Angeles in October where he has been training under Freddie Roach, sparring with Manny Pacquiao, and improving his all-round game. Revealing on Monday that there are definite talks ongoing for him to defend the WBA 140lb gong against Dmitry Salita in December, sometime, somewhere…Khan also spoke out in favour of his gym mate Pacquiao.

The prospect of Pacquiao facing Floyd Mayweather Jr, who returned to the ring after a 21-month absence last week to score a unanimous points victory over Juan Manuel Marquez, is the talk of boxing. Many believe it will happen but Pacquiao must first go through Miguel Cotto. Arguably, it is the toughest fight of Pacquiao’s career. Cotto is a dangerous fighter who bides his time in championship fights, and sets traps like an old fox. Pacquiao will have to have his head on…for 36 minutes.

Khan admits he was impressed by Mayweather’s comeback, but believes Pacquiao would emerge the victor if they were to meet (he would also like to fight both of them himself down the line).

Khan said: “[Mayweather's comeback] was brilliant, Floyd is a great fighter. Coming back and having the pressure of not being in the ring for a year and a half - I think he looked better than before he retired. Boxing is exciting, with these champions coming forward and back in the ring. It’s an addiction that boxing gives you.”

“Floyd Mayweather called it a day and never wanted to look at boxing again, and a year and a half later he’s back in the ring again and is still classed as one of the very best in the world. I train alongside Manny Pacquiao who is also classed as one of the best in the world - what a fight that would be. It’s all brewing up for one big fight.

“But I’m the same weight as well and one day in the future maybe there could be a fight down the line for me. At the moment we’re taking our time and Salita is hopefully the next man for me. But from there the tougher fights and the bigger names will start coming. In a year’s time I think I’ll be in the same mix as them with the likes of Marquez, Mayweather and Manny.”

Khan believes Pacquiao’s speed would be the decisive factor in any contest with Mayweather. “I’ve trained with both of them, and I have to back my guy - my guy is Manny Pacquiao and I think Manny might take the fight with his speed.”

“A lot of people forget that speed is power. You can’t take it away from Mayweather, who is a fast fighter. But when you take speed, with amount of punches you throw - Manny throws a lot of punches with speed, whereas Mayweather is more a single-shot fighter. He’s still quick, but I don’t think single shots will keep Manny Pacquiao away from Mayweather, whereas I know combinations will push Mayweather back.

“I would say the fight looks 60% towards Manny’s favour, and he’s been more active, in the ring more. Mayweather’s performance coming back from retirement looked great though, and that was one fight - maybe in the second fight he might look even better.”

Agree ? Disagree ? It is simply Khan’s loyalty to Roach and Pacquiao ?

Source: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/sport/garethadavies/100002013/manny-pacquiao-will-beat-floyd-mayweather-on-speed-says-amir-khan/

Pacquiao sparring mate Shawn Porter relishes the opportunity

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Jr middleweight prospect Shawn Porter (10-0-8KO) has the biggest opportunity of his young career at hand. He was selected to be one of Manny Pacquiao's sparring mates. This experience will be invaluable to this young man, to say the least. Porter touched down in the Philippines with Pacquiao's other preferred sparring partner, Urbano Antillon.

This writer has had the opportunity to watch the young Porter fight on a few occasions. He is trained by his father Kenny Porter, out of "Old School Gym" located in Cleveland, Ohio.

The first thing that I noticed from ringside in August was just how fast the kids hands were. The second thing that I noticed was how fast he knocked out his opponent in the 1st round.

Promoted by Prize Fight Promotions, Shawn Porter is undefeated and not only has those fast hands, but he has some power to go along with it. His last bout took place in Tunica, MS back in August, where he systematically took apart Lamar Harris in 2:18 seconds of the first round. This kid is the perfect sparring partner for Pacquiao, he is a little bit bigger, fast, and can pop.

Prize fight Promotions owner Russ Young is thrilled for his young prospect, " This is a great opportunity for this kid. He has the chance to see what it takes to become pound for pound the best fighter in the world. This is an achievement that he would like to accomplish himself one day, so to get this chance to see what it takes is a wonderful opportunity."

Boxing trainer Barry Hunter, who trains both Lamont Peterson (WBO interim Jr welterweight champ) and Anthony Peterson (#1 ranked lightweight), worked Porter's corner for his last fight. Hunter believes this opportunity is second to none, " The first thing that I noticed when working Shawn's corner was his speed, and his power. He is a very good selection to help out Pacquiao, he's a little bit bigger than Cotto and he can move and pop. This opportunity goes without saying, he will take this experience and only benefit from it."

So, Porter will spend his coming days sparring with the great Manny Pacquiao. He will no doubt benefit from this experience, in fact, probably a lot more than Pacquiao will benefit from it. That's no knock at the young porter, but come on now, sparring with Manny Pacquiao? An opportunity of a young fighters lifetime.

Read up more on Shawn Porter and his last fight at www.8countnews.com

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-23590-Mississippi-Fight-Sports-Examiner~y2009m9d27-Pacquiao-sparring-mate-Shawn-Porter-relishes-the-opportunity

Pacquiao raring to mix it up with his sparmates

Pacquiao vs Cotto Training
Manny Pacquiao’s sparmates Shawn Porter and Urbano Antillon had their work perfectly cut out for them.

Upon arriving in Baguio City where Pacquiao is currently holding training camp for his Nov. 14 fight with Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Antillon and Porter immediately climbed the ring and worked out a sweat.

Good for the two of them, according to assistant trainer Roger “Flash" Fernandez.

“Pinag-ensayo na agad namin para hindi masakit ang bugbog nila sa sparring," said the brother of long-time Pacquiao Filipino trainer Buboy Fernandez while flashing a big wide grin.

A day after taking a rest from training, Pacquiao was back to his relentless ways, working on the mitts, speed ball and double-end ball, while doing shadow-boxing and abdominal crunches for three straight hours.

“Ayaw paawat," said Fernandez.

Both Antillon and Porter, along with his dad Ken, arrived in the country last Sunday, but owing to the inclement weather, didn’t travel to the City of Pines until early Monday morning.

“We’re ready to go," said Antillon, a regular Pacquiao sparmate every time he has a fight.

Nonoy Neri, another Pacquiao assistant trainer, said Pacquiao is expected to spar four rounds Tuesday at the Shape Up gym inside the Cooyesan Hotel along Naguillan road, two rounds each with Antillon and Porter, a 2007 National Golden Gloves middleweight champion.

Neri said Pacquiao has been getting better and better as training camp in the summer hideaway enters its second week.

“Maganda na ang kilos," he pointed out. “Lumalabas na `yung bilis niya. Sa power wala namang problema kasi nandun na yun."

Pacquiao, as usual, is looking forward to the start of sparring session in training camp.

Informed of the arrival of Antillon and Porter, Pacquiao smiled and quipped, “can’t wait to see them."

Sparring will be held Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the number of rounds gradually increasing by the day until it reaches a full 12 rounds per day.

As the 12-round fight nears, sparring gradually tapers off.

As had been the practice before, head trainer Freddie Roach may hold the sparring sessions behind closed doors. – GMANews.TV

Source: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/173340/pacquiao-raring-to-mix-it-up-with-his-sparmates

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pound-4-Pound: Mayweather, Pacquiao, and company ask "who's the man"?

Pacquiao vs Mayweather
The mythical pound-for-pound title is very deceptive. Most top dawgs claim it, each of them wants it, yet the answer relative to which one of them actually has it is reserved for the person in which you speak to - and whom he or she feels they would give it to.

The WBC has recently created a "Diamond Belt" which is supposed to be the belt of all belts, reserved for those smaller conquerors who can go up in weight and dethrone the best competition of other divisions.

Sounds good in theory, but no question, there will never be a true substitute for authentic P4P honors. In an effort to measure the worth of each man, today, we take a look at the front-runners by analyzing each man separtely. (In no special order).

The Case for Manny Pacquiao:

Manny Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37KO's) is arguably the most spirited fighter in the sport today. Based on his resume, many view him as a Mexican slayer, however, it's the heart he employs in the ring which resembles their warrior-esque ability most, ultimately making him a fan fave, even amongst the proud Mexican nation. Few in the history of the sport have been able to rise through 7 weight classes and bring not only speed and power, but results. This major accomplishment puts Pacquiao not only in the P4P debate, but according to many, the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all-time) debate as well.

The Case for Floyd Mayweather jr.:

Floyd Mayweather jr. (40-0, 25KO's) is viewed by many as easily the most talented fighter of this era. Speed, good, although not great power, amazing stamina, and a ring IQ that parallels the greatest to ever lace up in the history of the sport. Mayweather's claim to fame is his diversity, as the flamboyant fighter has been known to deliver the goods whether it be in-fighting, outside fighting, moving forward or backing up. Mayweather's ability has already placed him in the G.O.A.T. discussion, and according to some, his performance in his return bout against a man Pacquiao failed to defeat decisively in two attempts thoroughly cemented his status of today's P4P king. Pacquiao is clearly the more exciting to watch, Mayweather is purely the more talented of the two. Perhaps a showdown between he and Pacquiao will one day settle the score, as few could deny the fact that the two of them stand at the top of this debate.

The Case for Bernard Hopkins:

Bernard Hopkins (49-5-1, 32KO's) is the closest the sport has to a throwback type oldschool fighter, other than Mayweather. Few have ever seen Hopkins bruised, let alone hurt in a fight, simply because his amazing defense rarely allows one to land a flush shot on him. A resume that boast the legendary Felix Trinidad, ODH, Glen Johnson and others can never be denied. A pending matchup against the only man to ever truly dominate him may very well close the chapter of his book. A win would be an emphatic punctuation, while a loss would open the door to more questions. All-time great....yes. P4P king, definitely amongst the discussion.

The Case for Paul Williams:

The name of Paul Williams (37-1, 27KO's) rarely comes up in this debate, but for years I've rated this guy a 'dark horse', and in recent times, many have began to see what I saw quite a while back. Most guage P4P status on ability to excite and put cheeks-in-seats, but Williams has been an ambassador for the term P4P in a rather literal fashion, jumping weight class to weight class and seeking out the best available competition with little luck. There's a great reason why we never hear anyone call his name out. Standing at 6'2", throwing over 100 punches per round, and having a wingspan like that of Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, there are very few strategies one could employ to disengage this terminator. Resume strength prevents him from being the clear and concise P4P king, but a solid victory over Kelly Pavlik in his pending fight will certainly help.

The Case for Miguel Cotto:

Miguel Cotto (34-1, 27KO's) is a perfect example of a fighter who literally stands on the brink of both goodness and greatness. The good in him is always on display, but the greatness hasn't always found the same level of consistency. An example of this was losing to a less than talented Antonio Margarito, while defeating a very credible Shane Mosley - a fighter who later dismantled Margarito. Cotto is one of the few fighters in today's money driven era of the sport that has taken on all comer's, and looked relatively good while doing it. His past resume has been amazing (Judah, Mosley, Margarito, Malignaggi and more), but it's the fights of his immediate future (Pacquiao and potentially a Mayweather showdown) which will dictate exactly how high he stands on this list.

Falling in the "honorable mention" circle would be a number of fighters (Mosley, John, Dawson) who have the potential to be P4P greats, but not always the results. Shane Mosley is a perfect example. A loss in head-to-head competition with Cotto nullifies an otherwise solid victory over Cotto conqueror Antonio Margarito. In the case of Chris John and Chad Dawson, their records show no losses, but their resume's also show that the same amount of test have not been encountered.

Arguably any of the men listed today stand a chance, but considering that the mythical P4P strap is more opinion than fact, the operative question here is "WHO DO YOU LIKE"?

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-845-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m9d27-Pound4Pound-Mayweather-Pacquiao-and-company-ask-whos-the-man

Pacquiao’s sparring sessions set to roll with arrival of Porter, Antillon

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Shawn Porter and Urbano Antillon arrived a day after tropical storm “Ondoy" dumped heavy rains and devastating floods in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

But they are bracing themselves for an even bigger storm named Manny Pacquiao once they made it to the City of Pines by Monday afternoon.

Sparring for the Pacman’s Baguio training camp for his Nov. 14 fight with Miguel Cotto is all set to roll with the arrival of Porter and Antillon from Los Angeles, California Sunday.

Due to inclement weather, the two American sparmates had to postpone their trip to the summer hideaway by one day as they were quickly whisked to a Quezon City hotel for a whole day rest.

They wouldn’t start sparring with the Filipino ring idol until Tuesday.

Bad weather condition also forced the 30-year old Pacquiao to put off his planned break in training to pay his last respect to the remains of former manager Rod Nazario.

Nazario died early Thursday following a year-long bout with lung cancer.

Pacquiao rested and didn’t train Sunday afternoon, but did road works in the morning at the Athletic Bowl and Burnham Park.

Accompanied by a throng of supporters, including conditioning coach Alex Ariza and his Jack Russell Terrier dog “Pacman," Pacquiao jogged around Burnham Park, after which, he bought grapes from vendors plying their trade around the famous tourist destination.

Following a quick shower at his unit at the Cooyesan Plaza Hotel in Naguilan Road, Pacquiao attended Sunday services at the Baguio Cathedral.

From there, he proceeded to Wright Park for some horseback riding, but put off his plan as rain began pouring. He later decided to just buy souvenir items at a local store.

Pacquiao and his entourage later had lunch at The Manor in Camp John Hay.

Intelligent fight

Meanwhile, trainer Freddie Roach said Pacquiao should work behind an intelligent fight against Cotto, whom he describes as a "very complete fighter with very few flaws."

“He’s very intelligent. He keeps his distance and timing pretty well. So we have to figure out way to throw that off," he said.

“He’s in his prime. He’s a complete fighter."

Roach also insisted on his earlier stand that it will be very hard to knock out the 28-year-old reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion.

“We’re going in there looking for 12 hard rounds. You can’t look for the knockout with this guy because he’s very resilient," said the three-time Trainer of the Year. - GMANews.TV

Source: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/173286/pacquiaos-sparring-sessions-set-to-roll-with-arrival-of-porter-antillon

'Fireball' Manny Pacquaio duly adopted by US fans, Merchant says

Pacquiao vs Cotto
(We now return you to our usual dripping sarcasm and poisonous venom...)

A capsule description of Vitali Klitschko's complete battering over game but overmatched Chris Arreola on HBO Saturday night from the Staples Center in Los Angeles would be this: It was like Marquez-Mayweather but without the excitement.

Seriously, this one would ended up 11-1 in rounds in favor of the BC heavyweight champion from the Ukraine as Arreola's most effective technique was bawling like a baby in defeat.

Come on, Cristobal (or "La Quesadilla" as he had Michael Buffer jokingly introduce him), you know there is no crying in boxing.

The slaughter was ended at the close of the 10th round, a round in which VK hammered the Mexican American challenger with both hands. Arreola's head was beginning to look like a well used speed bag.

More compelling than the bout was the closing commentary of HBO's Three Wise Men, Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Manny Steward.

Here's their verbal shots:

In reference to Vitali and heavyweight champ brother Wladimir not being wildly popular in America, Merchant made reference to Manny Pacquiao being "a fireball" who style endears him the US audience so much that it has "adopted" the Pinoy Idol.

Lampley took a wicked shot at the careless preparation of Good Time Charley Arreola and mentioned, without mentioning Arreola by name, that no fighter who goes out partying for 10 days when he is supposed to be training will beat anyone named Klitschko.

As for Steward, he put in a plug for the K Brothers to fight each other. He would profit nicely as he trains younger brother Wlad and mentioned that they used to have vicious sparring sessions.

After the replay of Marquez-Mayweather, Floyd was interviewed by satellite from his Big Boy Mansion in Las Vegas.

Mayweather continued his new Nice Guy routine complete with kind words about Pacquiao, about Shane Mosley and continuing apologies to their HBO announce crew of Lampley, Merchant, Steward and also Max Kellerman.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m9d27-Fireball-Manny-Pacquaio-duly-adopted-by-US-fans-Merchant-says

How Manny Pacquiao beats Miguel Cotto…strict gameplan

Pacquiao vs Cotto News and Updates
Freddie Roach is concocting a strict gameplan for Manny Pacquiao to follow against Miguel Cotto, the Puerto Rican whom the Filipino faces in an American ring in Las Vegas in 6 and a half weeks’ time.

Ten days into training camp in the Shape Up Gym in Baguio City, in The Philippines, a departure from his previous dozen camps, there are positive noises emerging. That said, Roach is concerned by local distractions, while in the same breath remains amazed once again by Pacquiao’s conditioning and appetite for training.

Roach, Pacquiao’s celebrated trainer always talks of ‘letting his fighter go’, letting his charge off the leash, at a certain point in a championship contest. Is it unlikely that Pacquiao will be released from a clear game plan in this one.

It has to be a tight, masterful performance. It will have to be, in order to defeat Cotto and capture his WBA welterweight gong. The fistic silhouettes of the dance between these two fighters suggests Pacquiao will be outgunned if he stands toe to toe with a fighter who has to be considered if not the most skilled, then certainly one of the most durable fighters on the planet.

The fairytale is for Pacquiao to win. Then, only then, will the boxing world be able to ready itself for the superfight the sport needs between Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao, likely to be in the early spring of next year. In spite of Pacquiao insisting this week that he “wishes to campaign in the elections” and that he has “nothing left to prove”, let us forget the idea of Pacquiao running in the elections for a moment.

A clear battle plan is developing, and it involves a 12-round strategy in which Pacquiao will have to win on points. As ever, Roach has pinpointed the fact that Pacquiao must box against Cotto, use his speed, move in and out, win the early rounds and outbox this teak tough champion who has lost only once in 35 professional fights and has campaigned at welterweight since 2006.

There are those in the UK, like former world champion Barry McGuigan, who cannot see Pacquiao dethroning Mayweather. Indeed, McGuigan, who has been around in the game long enough to see many a great in action, believes even Cotto may be a step too far for Pacquiao, again giving away size and weight.

McGuigan said in his weekend column in The Daily Mirror. “Roach was not impressed with Mayweather’s victory over Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight was there for the taking, he said. Mayweather just did not have the balls to finish him off.

I like and respect Roach but I think he is whistling in the dark here. I am the first to agree that Mayweather could take more risks, that he could be more exciting.

That does not detract from the fact that he is an awesome fighter. At welterweight there is not a boxer alive who can take him in my view.

There is a danger in Roach and Pacquiao looking too far over the fence into the future. They have enough on their plate in November with Miguel Cotto.”

I disagree. Pacquiao could defeat Cotto on points. He could also get caught in the late rounds. Cotto is now a systematic campaigner at 147lbs, and has knocked out 27 of his 35 opponents.

But a step too far ? I don’t think so. Having seen Pacquiao up close in training, how he goes 5 hours without a break, how he possesses an almost fixated instinct in the ring, his special qualities could see him to another remarkable victory. If so, he really then does have to weigh-up his options. Election campaign or Mayweather ?

Source: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/sport/garethadavies/100001981/how-manny-pacquiao-beats-miguel-cottostrict-gameplan/

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pacquiao doing well in training, impresses Roach

Pacquiao vs Cotto News and Updates
MANILA, Philippines - Day after day, Manny Pacquiao continued to impress his chief trainer Freddie Roach as they stepped up the preparations for the big showdown against WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

“Freddie Roach is not only pleased. He’s amazed at how the camp is going,” said Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser, Mike Koncz, yesterday after another impressive workout at the Shape Up Gym in Baguio City.

Some people were let into the gym but under certain restrictions. Due to the infux of fans and media, Team Pacquiao had to close the doors to the gym the other day, but yesterday they were a little generous.

“It was a small crowd and it was a very nice crowd. Training went very well,” said Koncz, adding that Roach, who came in last Tuesday, almost can’t believe what he’s seeing in Pacquiao who’s moving like he’s been at the gym for a month now.

Koncz said no decision yet has been made whether training in the country’s summer capital would run for four weeks or even more. If it goes five weeks, then Pacquiao may skip Los Angeles and head directly to Las Vegas.

“We’re taking it one week at a time. No decision yet,” said Koncz, who earlier discussed the possibility of training five weeks in Baguio, and straight to Las Vegas for the last three weeks before the fight.

“If all goes well, then we’re staying in Baguio and skip Los Angeles totally. Besides we’re gonna lose a couple of days if we leave Baguio after four weeks, train three weeks in LA and do another week in Las Vegas,” he said.

After the first full week of training, Pacquiao takes a rest today. He might run in the morning depending on the weather but will stay away from the gym.

Koncz said Pacquiao has also decided to skip the trip to Manila for him to be at the wake of his former business manager, Rod Nazario, who died three days ago after a yearlong battle with lung cancer.

“The decision was made the other day. For a number of reasons, he decided not to come to Manila anymore, and focus on his training. We’re sure the Nazario family would understand,” said Koncz.

The very bad weather should also keep Pacquiao up in Baguio since it would be quite dangerous for him to take a private plane out or take the five-hour trip by land.

Meanwhile, HBO has announced that the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Juan Manuel Marquez fight at the MGM Grand last Sunday drew a remarkable pay-per-view sales of one million.

The number exceeded expectations of PPV sales of 600,000 to 700,000 and turned in sales of $52 million. It also meant that Mayweather, who came out of retirement to beat Marquez, remains a very hot commodity.

Pacquiao’s fight with Oscar dela Hoya last December drew 1.25 million buys and the one against Ricky Hatton last May came in with 900,000 hits.

“I am truly humbled by the numbers, and I appreciate all of the sports fans who either came to the fight or bought it on pay-per-view. It felt great to be back in the ring and next time I will be even better,” said Mayweather in an ESPN.com report.

Mayweather still holds of the record PPV sales of 2.44 million buys in his 2005 split decision victory over Dela Hoya, and all these numbers he could use if ever he lands on the negotiating table with Pacquiao next year.

Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=508892&publicationSubCategoryId=69

Freddie Roach: "Miguel Cotto is a Complete Fighter"

Pacquiao vs Cotto News and Updates
Trainer Freddie Roach views WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto as the toughest and most dangerous fight of Manny Pacquiao's entire career. They clash on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He views Cotto as a complete fighter with very few flaws.

"Even with Shane Mosley, he knows how to handle speed. He's very intelligent. His keeps his distance and timing pretty well. So we have to figure out way to throw that off. He's in his prime. He's a complete fighter. He has one loss on his record and that's kind of questionable at this point," Roach told BoxingScene.com's Ernest Gabion.

Roach is not counting on a knockout. He plans to train Pacquiao for a twelve round fight. He says Cotto is way too dangerous to hunt for a knockout like Pacquiao did with some of his past opponents.

“That's why we are going in there looking for twelve hard rounds. You can't look for the knockout with this guy because he's very resilient. If the knockout comes, it comes. But we are looking to win every round,” Pacquiao said.

Roach is not too concerned with Pacqiuao’s decision to hold his training camp in Baguio City. The last time Pacquiao held his training camp overseas, he was preparing for his 2007 rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera. Some thought Pacquiao appeared a bit flat in the fight. Roach says his Filipino charge took it easy on Barrera.

“I asked Manny about that. I said 'why didn't you knock him out Manny' and he said that 'I didn't want to embarrass him.' That's what he told me. Manny became friendly with him in the first fight so I don't think we can judge by that. I don't think it will be a problem,” Roach said.

Source: http://www.boxingscene.com/?m=show&id=22443

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Has Manny got “Money” on his mind?

Pacquiao vs Cotto News and Updates
It’s nearly been a week since boxing superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather outclassed not to mention out-sized Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez in their showdown, and boxing circles around the world are continuing to buzz with excitement at the potential match-up between the two biggest names in prize fighting; Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Although it’s the biggest fight out there right now, I remain skeptical in the chances of it ever happening. To start with, both fighters will claim to be the bigger draw, therefore complicating the process of negotiating the guaranteed purse percentages that each man will take. This will be a significant obstacle for a hopeful 2010 fight, but the most significant obstacle that I wish to talk about, goes by the name of Miguel Cotto.

Pacquiao’s scheduled bout with the Puerto Rican welterweight star could be the biggest deciding factor in the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight ever taking place. People seem to have neglected Cotto’s standing in boxing, presuming that Pacquiao will just steam roll him like he did to De La Hoya and Hatton, but this writer truly believes that Cotto will be Pacquiao’s greatest challenge to date. Cotto has consistently fought every killer on the block with only one man ever defeating him. Although there is room for speculation on whether or not Antonio Margarito used loaded gloves in his win over Cotto, the damage has been done and many boxing critics hold a view of Cotto as damaged goods. A view that may catch many off guard in November.

Cotto took apart Michael Jennings in his comeback fight before taking a huge test in Joshua Clottey; a guy that no one is in a rush to fight and no one ever looks good against. The victory over Clottey still posed many unanswered questions to some but for myself, I view it a different way. Cotto proved that he could not only defeat a rugged guy like Clottey, but he could go the distance with a relentless puncher. Pacquiao’s relentless punching mixed with his speed pose great threats to Cotto’s armor, but Cotto is certainly up for the challenge. He has proven in his fights with Judah and Mosley that he can handle speedy fighters with his ability to combine timed punches and the utilization of his jab to neutralize their speed. Cotto’s viscous body punching will also be a cause for concern in the Pacquiao camp, so limiting the room Cotto has to move and the time he has to think will be key. Pressure busts pipes and Manny’s constant pressure may cause Cotto to be on the back foot early but if Cotto makes it through the first few rounds, then Manny will be in for a long and painful night.

As legendary matchmaker Johnny Bos has suggested in his recent interview with Examiner.com’s Michael Marley, “If Miguel can be wary and careful for the first two rounds, then I think he will be in the fight all the way and can beat Pacquiao. Cotto is bigger and stronger if not quicker than. But he has to watch out for first or second round lightning by Manny.” There is a growing consensus in the hardcore boxing community that Manny will be in for a tough night against Cotto, so his ability to deal with the pressures and distractions of his celebrity lifestyle will be surely tested in the upcoming weeks.

If Manny has “Money” Mayweather on his mind, and all the potential revenue that a fight of that magnitude could produce, then he risks the chance of losing focus and possibly the fight against Cotto. Manny must remain focused on the job at hand and not be lured into the excitement of a Mayweather fight. Cotto is the real deal. Don’t think otherwise.

Source: http://www.boxingrepublic.com/2009/09/25/has-manny-got-money-on-his-mind/

Coach forbids talk of politics, other distractions around Pacquiao

Pacquiao vs Cotto Photos
BAGUIO CITY, Philippines — As if Miguel Cotto's left hook wasn’t worrisome enough, Team Pacquiao is also concerned about a slew of other distractions which might throw off Manny Pacquiao's training for his Nov. 14 fight in Las Vegas.

"There are too many distractions. Everybody wants a piece of Manny Pacquiao," said American trainer Freddie Roach who has banned all talk of politics while the Filipino ring icon trains at the Shape Up Boxing gym here.

But during the courtesy call on Baguio Mayor Reinaldo Bautista Jr. at City Hall on Thursday, Pacquiao was mobbed by reporters and employees and the question about his political plans cropped up.

“I have decided to run in the next elections and I’m willing to leave boxing,” said Pacquiao in Filipino.

But he quickly added that foremost on his mind is his coming showdown with World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Cotto.

“I have nothing else to prove,” he said.

There is, however, the much vaunted fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. waiting for Pacquiao supposedly in March to decide who the real pound-for-pound champion is.

And should Pacquiao decide to run in the 2010 elections, March will throw him in the middle of the campaign period.

Roach is already excited about the Mayweather fight but insists Pacquiao should be rewarded well in that encounter.

“I have no problem fighting him. But if he thinks he’s going to get equal money with Pacquiao, he’s crazy,” Roach said of Mayweather.

“We already have a perfect game plan,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao said that he is pursuing his defamation suit against Mayweather’s father, Floyd Sr., for saying that Pacquiao used steroids.

“He has probably lost his mind,” Pacquiao said of Mayweather Sr.

“He must have been embarrassed,” he added, referring to the successive losses of his wards against Pacquiao.

Aside from political distraction, Roach has closed the gym to the public and the media so Pacquiao can concentrate on his training for his fight against Cotto.

Other aspects of the Mayweather fight may be cleared up when boxing promoter Bob Arum, founder and chair of Top Rank, Inc., comes to Baguio on Oct. 1.

Pacquiao will be in Manila this weekend to attend the wake of Rodolfo Nazario, a long-time boxing promoter and manager, whom he considers as "his loving friend, father and manager."

Nazario, 74, died on Thursday due to a lingering illness.

Source: http://politics.inquirer.net/view.php?db=1&article=20090926-227009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Buttery Bob Arum concedes: Mayweather, Pacquiao are PPV A-Sides

Pacquiao vs Cotto Updates
Butter wouldn’t melt in the sweet talking mouth of Uncle Bob Arum as he discussed the HBO reported one million pay per view TV buys for the Juan Manuel Marquez-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight Friday afternoon.

After 40 years, I pretty much know the Top Rank Top Honcho like a book and I figured that, instead of unleashing an acidic tirade, he would go all Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm on the topic.

Why, you ask? Simply because, as Arum admitted, the Sept. 19 PPV numbers are in the mutual interest of Top Rank and its fighting on Nov. 14 clients, Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Angel Cotto.

All I heard over the phone from his Batcove in Las Vegas were cheers sans jeers for the figures cited for Juan Ma-Money May.

“It’s all to the good,” Arum said. “It’s good for the category of boxing, it’s even better and I must say I enjoyed this part, they kicked the bleep out of the MMA event (UFC 103, Franklin-Belfort from Dallas) by a 4-1 margin.

“I’m just licking my chops now in anticipation of what Manny and Miguel can do on Nov. 14.

“It shows you the vitality of boxing when you take what is viewed as a competitive fight and have good publicity, great media coverage and even taking on the UFC…UFC doesn’t hurt boxing, really, because it’s a different audience, a rural audience. That’s where their numbers come from, from non-urban audiences,” Arum said.

I tried to corner Arum on the idea that, frankly speaking, boxing only has two “A sides” in the PPV category, one named Manny and one nicknamed Money.

Arum did not disagree in the least. But he did not care to discuss parity on economic terms for the inevitable Pacman-Mayweather super bout.

“I agree with that but I am not sure either Manny or Miguel will fight Mayweather, win or lose, coming out of the Nov. 14 fight. Let’s just see what happens. I am not looking anywhere past Nov. 14 right now.”

I asked if Arum had any word as to what Pacman thought of seeing L’il Floyd completely dictate and dominate for all 36 minutes against the Mexican Ringmaster.

“Just that Manny spoke very confidently after watching the fight,” Arum said. “Just like he spoke very confidently after watching Miguel beat Clottey. He is confident that he can beat Cotto and he is confident he can do the same to Mayweather down the line. But Manny’s not looking past Miguel.”

Was it butter melting in Bob’s mouth or the lower priced alternative, some on sale margarine?

I can’t be sure without having a throat swab done but Friday was a sunny day in Arumville.

And, oddly enough, it was his former client turned adversary Mayweather who provided the sunshine.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m9d25-Buttery-Bob-Arum-concedes-Mayweather-Pacquiao-are-PPV-ASides

How will the Pacquiao-Cotto match will end?

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