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Monday, July 27, 2009

But Filipinos Care About the Title, Bob!

Bob Arum has a sound basis in saying that whether or not the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight is for the WBO welterweight championship, "nobody in the US cares". Neither fighter represents the US.

But why aren’t you sensitive to the Filipinos’ feelings Bob?

To Filipinos this is not just another Manny Pacquiao fight. Manny is about to set a new world boxing record. Winning his 7th world title in 7 weight divisions would place Manny atop boxing’s all time greats.

"Nobody in the US cares" is a general statement. There are many boxing fans who are still Filipinos and former Filipinos who are in the US who care. And I read with amusement Boxing Examiner Michael Marley’s observation that US citizen Oscar dela Hoya cares, albeit, from the adversarial point of view.

In taking Ricky Hatton’s 140-lb titles last May, Manny equalled Oscars 6 division world titles record. Oscar is no longer alone relishing the accolade. And Oscar shares the rare distinction with the fighter who is responsible for his retirement. And while Manny has the chance to win #7, Oscar had lost it.

And I think US citizen Michael Marley cares as Filipinos do. His articles say no less.

And Bob? He speaks for the rest in the US and as one of them who don’t care.

But look beyond the US Bob. You’ve been to the Philippines and you know how significant Manny’s accomplishments are to Filipinos. Do something to make Cotto’s title on the line.

Winning the WBO 147-lb belt would also equal Manny’s 2008 feat. Manny won the 130-lb and the 135-lb WBC belts last year. He already has annexed the IBO and Ring Magazine 140-lb titles early this year. Winning two division titles in a year and doing it in two consecutive years would also be a record of sort.

Winning a record 7th division title is a new boxing record long to stay in the books. This is too big a source of joy and sense of pride for Filipinos not only in this generation but also in many more to come.

Yes Bob, Filipinos Care About the Title.

Source: http://philboxing.com/news/story-26048.html

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