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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Typhoon Pacquiao Hitting Hollywood

Manny The Typhoon Storm Coming to Cali- The latest weather reports show that the damaging force of a typhoon storm is coming down the coast and will arrive in Cali. Manny Pacquaio is having an exceptional training camp in the Philipines, but a change in scenery is now nearing. Earlier today, Manny went to war in sparring against Shawn Porter, Danny Escobar, and living legend, Jose Luis Castillo. Manny is mos def putting in his work and looking sharp as a razor,Manny is now primed and ready to continue camp at the Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood. Manny and his team are scheduled to arrive in Cali this Saturday. Cali, you have been warned, the storm is coming.

Random Thoughts:

Jamaal ''The Truth'' Davis- I found the piece I just read by Vitali Shaposhnikov On Jamaal Davis to be very inspiring and touching. Davis indeed is the true meaning of fighter. Davis may not be fighting to defend a major title, but to me Davis is fighting for a much bigger cause. Jamaal Davis is a fighter with a champions heart. Davis is not only fighting for the love of the sport, but he is also fighting to spread the word and to raise funds for the war against cancer. Many fighters fight for recognition, for money, for titles, but it is clear to see that all those things take a back seat when it comes to Davis. One can without a doubt see the fire and determination in Davis's eyes that he truly is dedicating his career to honor his late wife. Jamaal Davis you are a great man and a hero to me. Your children have a fighting Angel as a father. I hope that the piece by Vitali inspires others as it has myself, we should all do what we can to help promote cancer awareness, let's all unite and Knockout Cancer.

Bernard Hopkins the Real Life Ghost Buster- Fighters that were never the same after facing the Executioner. Ok, Oscar, Tito, Winky, and now we can add the Ghost Kelly Pavlik to the list. Just a few days ago, I wrote how I could not wait for Pavlik and Williams to get it on, well last night I got word that Pavlik's hand infection needs more time to heal thus pushing back the fight yet again. Today I am hearing that the fight all together may be cancelled and it is now being rumored that Sergio Martinez may now get the call to face the Punisher. I have also made no secret about it that I would love to see Calzaghe come back to face Williams, well if Martinez does get the call, and it looks like he will. I may in a way get a sneak peak of what a Calzaghe/Williams affair would look like. Martinez like Calzaghe is a southpaw who fights at his best when he lets his guard down relaxed at his side bouncing back and forth while scoring at will. If I am Williams, I take away all that relaxation and press him hard at all times, in other words, keep his guard up and turn him into a flat footed fighter. Take that bounce out of his step. If the fight does get made, it should make for an interesting meeting.

Say it isn't so, Ricky- Word has it that Hatton is planning on a return and would like to get a crack once again at the 2 men that flattened him, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquaio. I for one would love to see Ricky back, but not against Floyd or Manny. Come on Ricky, let's think hard and smart about this one. If you do return, allow me to give you a short list on what fights would make more sense for you. #1 Amir Khan, Khan is looking to be the man from England, to be that man he must take that title from you. #2 Paulie Malignaggi, give Paulie a call and have another fight. It would be wise for you to take a fight with someone familiar who you already beat and who you feel you can beat again, so why fight Paulie again? Well, simply because #1 you know in your heart that you can beat him again, and #2 because Paulie is making a strong case for himself that the first fight against you had him depleted and beaten before the first bell even rang. Let's have another fight, and see once and for all who is who. #3 Michael Katsidis, why Katsidis? One reason and one reason only, that is because I feel that it will be entertaining as F**k to watch you two animals go at it. So there you have it Ricky, take your pick.

Source: http://www.diamondboxing.com/newsstory.php?list=10049

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