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Monday, October 26, 2009

D-I-V-O-R-C-E may loom for Manny Pacquiao-Freddie Roach

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It would be the typical celebrity divorce. Call it divorce Hollywood style.

And it could happen.

This could be Coach Freddie Roach’s last ride on the back of Manny Pacquiao.

Factors and forces are at work here and their strong chemistry, the seemingly impenetrable and unbreakable bond between them, is straining a bit. Forces beyond the control of either the Magnificent Tutor and the Gifted Pupil could put their relationship irretrievably into the breakdown lane.

Is there a single moment when a strong marriage veers towards a wall of collision and rescission? Is there a breaking point for every marriage or do things often unravel slowly and does all the goodwill drip, drip, drip away like a leaky faucet?

Look, I‘m not basing this, Paclanders, on any snippet from HBO’s mini soap opera 24/7, I am basing my speculation, and that is all it is…no more and no less…on a lifetime spent around fighters, managers, promoters and trainers.

My personal conclusion is that Pacman would be a big donkey to split with Roach but Manny may believe that he has the right to act like a stubborn mule and that his awesome ring talent overrides everything else. He may no longer believe that Roach has the keys to the kingdom of Pacland.

The Seven Reasons Why Professor Roach’s Tenure May Be Ending:

1. Agent 008, Michael Koncz: His allegiance uber alles is to Top Rank and to Bob Arum. When Pacman signed with Golden Boy, Koncz was a lonely soldier crying in the wildness. The mess got squared away by lawyers but an ancient elephant named Bob Arum never forgets. In Manny’s view and in reality, he gives Koncz orders while Freddie gives him orders.

2. Roach’s Pay Rate, Astronomical Or Reasonable: Freddie can’t expect the standard trainer’s 10 percent anymore because of the magnitude of Manny’s purses. The trainer took a 10 percent hit on this bout, will he want to give back that or more going forward? Doesn't that set a bad precedent in terms of Roach's next superstar client(s)?

3. Team Arum: Uncle Bob sends his plays into the Pacman huddle through longtime matchmaker Bruce Trampler. When “Southland” says jump, Koncz leaps over tall barbed wire fences. Trampler takes his marching orders from the man who signs his paychecks.

4. Familiarity Breeds Contempt: Larry Holmes got sick and tired of Richie Giachetti…and vice versa. If Larry said he thought it would be a good idea to dump the volatile trainer, Don King would say, “Brilliant move, Larry, brilliant.” Remember, the promoter must always, as King liked to say, “go where the wild goose goes.” Manny is the wild goose and Roach could become the loose goose.

5. Contract With Cotto: Manny’s rival may be guaranteed half the guarantee that Pacman is getting but Miguel’s expenses are lower, much lower. He’s surrounded himself with boyhood chums, all along for the ride. His no name trainer’s name is Jose Santiago. I bet he’s taking a very small fee. Don’t think that some around Manny are not calling his attention to the contrast in expenses.

6. Manny Trains Himself Now: Many top level fighters come to see their trainer as themselves. We can all agree that the teaching portion is over for Roach and Manny. Now it’s more nagging and kvetching and insistence on dutiful conditioning. The I Don’t Need Roach Anymore syndrome might be the biggest factor and, given Pacman’s humongous ego, it could convince him to give the heretofore esteemed trainer the heave ho.

7. Disagreement Going Public: Every soul in Pacland knows that Coach Roach was emphatically against training in Baguio, that he wanted Mexico with less distractions. Similarly, every soul in Pacland knows Freddie did not want Jose Luis Castillo as a sparring partner. But Baguio worked out, despite the weather, and Castill proved useful. Roach enemies may keep calling Pacman’s attention to these facts and question why the fighter is forking over $1 million to a guy who airs his gripes in public.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m10d26-DIVORCE-may-loom-for-Manny-PacquiaoFreddie-Roach

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