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Friday, October 30, 2009


Pacquiao Cotto 24/7
As I looked through the upcoming boxing schedule I was blown away by two Pay Per View boxing cards that will take place within the next two weeks. On October 30th, on something called Latin Invasion 2, Hector Camacho Jr. will be fighting Yori Boy Campas as the main event of this PPV. You read it right...Camacho Jr. vs Campas is the main event of a PPV card.

This fight should have been scheduled for October 31st; just the thought of it is truly scary. Want to know what’s even more scary? This is the second time in less than five months that Campas has headlined a PPV! Are you’re wondering who he fought in the prior PPV, which was held this past May? Well, I'll tell you... He fought none other than Hector Camacho, Sr. What?!? you ask. Yes, you read it right, he fought Camacho Sr.

The fight between Camacho Sr. and Campas was originally set to take place in New Jersey. However, the New Jersey Boxing Commission would not grant “Macho Man” Camacho, Sr. a license to box in their state. Well, there goes a Commission with integrity and common sense, right? Yes, definitely, but subsequently enters the state of Florida Boxing Commission, and its illustrious Executive Director, Thomas Molloy, who welcomed the fight with open arms, thus putting smiles on the faces of all the retirees that now call Florida home, as they got the chance to watch two of their childhood idols meet in the ring for the much coveted “Just For Men“ (who is kidding who here?) world title.

Camacho Sr., (age 47), and Campas, (listed at age... gulp...38), battled to an eight round draw in what I imagine has to be a top candidate for Fight of the Year. So, as the story goes, the young Camacho Jr., who at 31 years of age is almost as old as Campas, (if you buy into Campas being 38 years of age), was so livid with the decision that he demanded a fight with Campas to restore honor to the Camacho family name. (Why is it that honor and the Camacho family name does not work for me?). I’ll give you a prediction right now as to who the real loser will be on fight night, and the answer is ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY PAYS MONEY TO WATCH THIS FARCE!!

The second Pay Per View that grabbed my attention takes place on November 6th, and features Zab Judah and Joel Casamayor in separate bouts against opponents most of you have never heard of. Both Judah and Casamayor still have name value in the sport but not enough value to sell this kind of crap. So I ask, what is going on here people? How do these garbage PPV’s keep popping up? Oh, that’s right because some folks outside of the fighters' family are actually paying to watch these disasters.

To be perfectly honest, I would let it slide if you were to buy one, maybe even two suspect PPV’s a year, considering that once in a while the boxing schedule is so slow that most boxing fiends have no choice. But may I suggest you get your fix by watching ESPN Classic or youtube to watch classic fights that actually had meaning behind them. To those boxing promoters who might read this, I ask, you want to know why so many people find these fights on the internet to watch them on a live stream? Simple. Because you keep putting out junk like the above mentioned. The Camacho Jr. - Campas fight has no meaning behind it, unless you actually buy into the honor thy father crap being put out. And as far as Judah and Casamayor these are tune up fights, nothing more nothing less. Judah hasn’t fought in over a year, and the same goes for Casamayor, so let’s pay money to watch them fight in glorified sparring sessions, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong!

In closing, I want to make a point, and here it is. We need to be appreciative of fights like the upcoming Manny Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto fight. Earlier in the week I upset many Pacquiao fans by saying Miguel Cotto will destroy Pacquiao, but let me set the record straight. I do believe Miguel Cotto will score a knockout and a big one at that, but I also believe it will be a competitive fight that is worth fight fans' hard earned money. PPV is not going to go away, but as long as it’s here, can we please have quality cards with quality undercards? Is that so much to ask of those who run the sport of boxing?

Stop feeding us this trash and stop with the pathetic under cards you force feed us; as boxing fans we definitely deserve better. Boxing needs less Camacho-Campas, (how about no Camacho-Campas), and a hell of a lot more Pacquiao-Cottos.. Most boxing fans will always choose QUALITY over quantity.

Bye, bye.....

Source: http://www.braggingrightscorner.com/montgomeryppvs_103009.html

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