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Friday, October 30, 2009

Miguel Cotto bulges like Popeye but Manny Pacquiao won't notice

Pacquiao vs Cotto Updates
EL PASO--If muscles mattered most in boxing, good heavyweight Ken Norton would have won some world championship bouts...but he didn't.

If being so cut and so muscular mattered most in the ring, Mike “Hercules” Weaver would have flattened Larry Holmes but he did not.

If looking like Charles Atlas was the most important attribute for a fighter, then Evander Holyfield, chiseled and cut like some Greek god, would have gone undefeated. But he didn’t and the strong but lumpy Rocky Marciano did.

This is just my way of saying, I applaud Miguel I’m No Angel Cotto for his washboard abs and I bet there are many females who will swoon looking at his cut up chest.


But even his muscles have muscles it does not necessarily mean that the Boricua Banger will thrash Manny Pacquiao.

Pacman won’t show up at the Nov. 13 weigh in looking Lumpy Rutherford, you know.

So let’s put boxing aside and detail what, based on his shirtless gymnasium poses, it appears that Cotto would beat Megamanny in:

1. Weightlifting.

2. Muscleman photo posing.

3. Discus throwing.

4. Javelin tossing.

5. Hurling the Scottish caber.

More seriously, for Pacquiao to take the WBO regular belt and the special, glittering, new WBC Diamond Belt home on the 14th, Manny will not be depending on bulging muscles.

Fast twitching, fast reacting muscles…oh, yeah they matter. Because what Pacman is depending on the most, the front of his train, is a combination of speed and punching power.

Pacquiao will have to strike first, strike fast and strike often. If he gets lucky early, maybe Manny slices up the eye gash that Cotto had to protect so carefully in the closing rounds of the Joshua Clottey title bout at Madison Square Garden.

I’m sure Gov. Schwarznegger and other bodyubuilders are impressed by Cotto’s carved up belly.

Imagine how much spinach Cotto had to swallow.

As for Pacman, I don’t think he’s even noticed.

Just because Cotto looks like a guy who has been pumping iron, Pacquaio does not have to play the dumbbell.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m10d30-Miguel-Cotto-bulges-like-Popeye-but-Manny-Pacquiao-wont-notice

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