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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heeeeeeeee's back! Pacquiao back in Los Angeles today!

The Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, CA is about to shift gears and turn from boxing mode to Pacquiao mode. There is a difference. The pound for pound king is set to land in a few hours from the Philippines and is set to finish up the final leg of training camp. Freddie Roach will be back in the comforts of his gym, and will have all of his soldiers at his finger tips.

It was important to Freddie to get Manny back into Los Angeles in time so that he can adjust to the time difference. Pacquiao will rest for a day, then get right into the thick of things at Wild Card Gym. The atmosphere is about to change. It always does when Manny gets into town. The Tai Restaurant down the stairs and to the left will once again be filled to capacity each and every day. Manny will be sought out by the boxing scribes that will no doubt surround the gym with each day. There will be no Michael Moorer and I am guessing Mr Koncz will be behaving himself as well. Time will tell on that one.

This fight is getting closer and closer with each passing day. Yes indeed, the pound for pound king has returned. So let us see how the final leg of a grueling training camp will turn out. All reports out of the Philippines, even with the distractions say Manny still had a good camp. The final stretch should be even better, and he should be ready to go by November 14th.

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