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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Freddie Roach downplays fears of a rough camp for Pacquiao

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
Despite all of the issues that have sprung up during Manny Pacquiao's training camp as he prepares for Miguel Cotto, trainer Freddie Roach assures us that everything is just fine. During a conference call this week, Roach addressed the media about camp and reiterated that the first four weeks went extremely well.

It seems most people have been concentrating on the problems revolving around adviser Michael Koncz and Roach's desire to train elsewhere, as was highlighted by last week's 24/7 episode. Although there seemed to be a little headbutting towards the end, Roach says things have been great as Pacquiao has looked good at the Wild Card Gym.

"We had really good sparring [in Baguio] then we went back to Manila and it was intense because we had quite a few distractions so we had to break camp early," said Roach. " Now we are back at the Wild Card and Manny boxed great yesterday and had ten good rounds and he's about 95% there right now and we are ready to go."

While Miguel Cotto no doubt presents a major challenge, Roach isn't quite sure the WBO champ is necessarily the biggest one of Manny's career.

"We have fought some great fighters like Morales, Marquez and Oscar De La Hoya," proclaimed Roach. "He's a very good fighter and he is champion of the world. Manny is moving up a weight class but we fought Oscar at this weight. I am very confident in my guy and we are 100% ready for the fight. I feel like Manny, with the power he is punching with right now at this weight I feel that he is going to knock Cotto out. I look forward to the win."

Though Marquez and Morales were big challenges in their own right, Cotto is clearly the physically biggest one of his career, despite having beaten Oscar De La Hoya at welterweight. From the start, Roach has been predicting a decision win for Pacquiao as to not sell Cotto short but has slowly begun to think it's quite possible that Manny can pick up a knockout.

Let's not forget that when Pacquiao signed to fight De La Hoya, we all thought it was suicide but alas, Pacquiao got the job done. Slightly favored over Cotto now, we can't count out the possibility that Pacquiao's speed and power can prove to be too much for Cotto.

When pressed about Roach's feelings that a knockout is a possibility, Pacquiao was quick to play it down.

"That is my coach's prediction, but for me I have to focus on the fight and don't think anything about that but if it comes it is a bonus," exclaimed Pacquiao. "I always believe in my power but if I am lucky to hit a good punch against my opponent and knock him out that will make me happy too. "

If Pacquiao has been lucky with his punches, then maybe we should play the lottery together.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-24959-Oakland-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m10d29-Freddie-Roach-plays-down-fears-of-a-rough-camp-for-Pacquiao

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