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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Does Pacquiao have one more Titanic Performance in him?

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Manny Pacquiao must feel that he has the weight of an entire nation on his shoulders. You get the sense that Pacquiao is really all that his strong and proud nation has to look forward to. I feel that Manny Pacquiao truly is the true meaning of The Peoples Champion. Pacquiao's countrymen, the people of the Philippines are not only dealing with the aftermath of a devastating typhoon that has recently ripped through parts of their beautiful land, but his country is also dealing with extreme poverty and political leadership that is suffering and seems to get worse by the minute. It's no wonder that Pacquiao is running for office in hopes to land on a congressional seat. Manny Pacquiao to the rescue.

It is no secret that Manny is indeed a very giving helpful person. To most of the world, Manny Pacquaio is simply just a boxer who fights with all his pride and gives it his all. To the people of the Philippines however, Manny is much more than just an action hero, Manny is their world. When one really sits back and really thinks of all the pressure that Manny must feel back at home like the poverty, the typhoons leaving many families homeless or in some cases torn, his land ravaged by a savage storm leaving some parts completely wiped out. The many injured the many left for dead, Manny indeed faces the biggest beast of all when he closes his eyes and thinks of all this. Sheer images of pain must play in his head.

Yes, it's very true that Pacquiao is now thousands of miles away from all of that now as he trains in sunny California. However, One can not help but to wonder how is Pacquaio able to deal with all this madness. I mean physically we can see that he is looking like a vicious monster, but how is Pacquiao doing mentally? I mean it is no shock to anyone that Roach wanted to hit the road not just for the fear of getting stuck back in the Philippines, the main objective was to get his guy away from seeing all that pain back home so that his guy could focus at the task at hand. That is fine and all, but the thing is that sometimes the farther you are from a problem the closer you really are. Will the huge problems back at home serve as a distraction for Pacquiao come fight night? Or, Will the problems at home push Pacquiao that much harder to give his nation a much deserved injection of life?

Come fight night on November 14th under the bright lights in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, many will bet on the larger Cotto to derail and wreck the Pac-Man. Many others will be betting on the Pac-Man to gobble up the Caguas Crusher. The final result is anyones guess, heck the fight may even end in a draw. One thing that I am certain about is that we can all expect to see both fighters giving it their very best. On one hand you have Cotto, Cotto is a fighter who desperatly is trying to get back to the top. Cotto is a fighter in heavy pursuit of something he once had, he is wanting to get his mojo back. In order for Cotto to get that feeling of invincabilty back, Cotto must go through the man that currently holds that distinction.

That is where the other hand comes in. Manny Pacquaio is a man that holds all the power right now, all roads right now lead to Manny Pacquiao, none more than the roads at home. Pacquiao is going to come to fight as if he doesn't own a single thing. Pacquaio will fight as if he is homeless because Pacquiao knows that many of his beloved countrymen back home are indeed now left without a single thing. So for all those back at home left suffering, Manny Pacquiao will fight his heart out for the simple fact of knowing that the People's Champion is on his way to give you all a brighter better tomorrow. So does Pacquiao have one more titanic like performance left in him? You tell me.

Source: http://diamondboxing.com/newsstory.php?list=10118

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