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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pacquiao's treat: Henson's trick or Rivera's threat

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San Leandro, California: I've tried just about every hat in my life-long involvement in boxing -- starry-eyed fight fan when I was young, eager spectator of semi-inebriated Filipino writers during lively libations, and lately as manager, cornerman, aspiring writer and photographer.

Never would I have imagined being the "Third Man In the Ring" as RP journalism heavyweights Joaquin Henson and Hermie Rivera lock horns inside their literary squared circle.

My father is never one to back down in a verbal tussle nor run away from rabid dogs.

I still remember him late 1970's kicking one "Asong Ulol" (shielding me from harm) enroute to a hospital to visit an interesting fellow named Bing Bong (surname Crisologo).

The ensuing verses should serve as a sizzling appetizer for Hermie Rivera's upcoming book.

Mr. Henson must have found the title "A Threat from Hermie" apropos for his Philstar.com column dated September 22, 2009. The boxing guru didn't find it amusing and prepared this counterpunch salvo...

"Manny Pacquiao, the quintessential Pinoy boxing favorite treats his legions of fans to a concert after he's done mauling Miguel Cotto -- Nov. 14 at MGM's Grand Arena. Quinito Henson, Philstar's boxing pet will perform his magic tricks in said concert while Hermie Rivera threatens to finish his book earlier than originally scheduled.

This -- to set the record straight.

Hermie Rivera

1. QH: Is it biographical, starting from when he was a kid?

HR: Starts when his Mom Dionisia was infanticipating up to where he is today. (No dogmeat)

2. QH: What were the fights you're looking to really get into in the book?

HR: The classiest, controversial, gory, exciting, dull, rare defeats (3) including the most-hyped flopperies which are few and far between.

3. QH: What do you think has been Manny's defining fight and why?

HR: That will be in the book. (Patience Bossing)

4. QH: Is Manny the greatest Filipino fighter who ever lived? Why? Greater than Flash Elorde, Pancho Villa or Luisito Espinosa?

HR: That too will be in the bio.

5. QH: What do you think about the Cotto fight? Walk in the park, hard stroll, win on points, can he hurt Cotto? Your prediction?

HR: Actually, this is a no-brainer---MP pitches a no-hitter to borrow a baseball line or....MP no-hits MC. How's that for a headline?

6. QH: Who do you think has been Manny's toughest opponent?

HR: Eric Morales, thus far. Cotto is next (reserve that judgment after Nov. 14).

Now if you ask me who's been my toughest foe or foes--- why it's the guys blocking my entry into the broadcast pool of the London Olympics.

7. QH: How much longer do you think Manny can fight? Two or three more years?

HR: You're spot right thereabouts.

QH: What more can he accomplish?

HR: Plenty! As a businessman. (Cotabato Free Trade Zone etc.). As a boxing man, he has done and accomplished what's to be done with aplomb.

8. QH: What's to be desired?

HR: A resounding win for a seat in congress or as Hizzoner, the Mayor of his beloved GenSan City, Cotabato

9. QH: Is welterweight the limit for Manny?

HR: I'll skip that one for the nonce. The looney Mayweathers might charge Manny of illegal use steroids. No way! VIAGRA--- maybe. ( VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!)

10. QH: If he beats Cotto, he'll be the only fighter ever to win titles in 7 weight divisons---that's a big deal for the Philippines. Can you comment?

HR: Manny Pacquiao is on the verge of attaining fistic immortality. No one has ever achieved a seven-figure victory in what we reverently dub the Sweet Science.

Indeed, Manny is a lucky sonamagun if...

11. QH: You picked Marco Antonio Barrera over Manny Pacquiao in their first fight. Why and do you regret the choice?

HR: Whew, I thought you'd never touch on that. Fact is, I was assigned (by the gods) of Solar to do Pacquiao in that four-man panel composed of Ed 'UkayUkay' Picson, Al 'Buloy' Mendoza, Quinito "Pogi" Henson with the 4th comedian--- the funnyman of Rosario, La Union -- Hermenegildo Ordona Rivera.

Al Mendoza begged to get Pacquiao as his assigned role as he didnt' know Barrera at all but was a firm believer in MP's abilities early on.

Being a cooperative clown of the group, I played the heavy as per request of a dear buddy and suffered ingloriously up to this day.

("Ganoon po ang nangyari". That's what unfolded. For verification on my claim check with the Solar director assigned that fateful day at The Alamo. Nov. 15,2003.) Remember?

12. QH: Regrets?

HR: Hell, No. I became a well-known (ahem) zany-humorist as a result.

13.QH: When do you think the book will be published and available in the market?

HR: No dates yet.

QH: Will it have Manny's OK as authroized?

HR: Haven't asked him yet.

QH: Is it your first book?

HR: Yes.

Source: http://philboxing.com/news/story-28559.html

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