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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cotto vs. Pacquiao worth $54.95?

Pacquiao vs COtto Online Live Streaming
Is Cotto vs. Pacquiao worth $54.95?

Obviously if you watch it with your gang and everyone chips in it makes a difference and it's a lot more fun. If you go to a sports bar or gentleman's club you're in for $10 if you shop it right.

But I'm not talking about that. The fighters deserve to get paid. I'm talking about the fact that the prices have clearly gone over the $50 mark now with some normalcy.

How high will they eventually go? Which fighters can demand it?

But this fight? Even Top Rank is even quite proud of its Latin Fury cards. Latin Fury is at $39.95, sure Cotto vs. Pacquiao if worth just $15 more, and Pacquiao only fights twice a year. It's a special event, you can rationalize.

The key is the Hispanic market. It's at least half of the entire boxing pay-per-view buying audience. It is why Top Rank, successfully, and others not so successfully, cater to the Hispanic markets. Hispanic fighters are on all cards.

Starting with Azteca America TV broadcasts up to Latin Fury and other Hispanic pay per views and ultimately up to the main stream pay per view cards like we have November 14.

It's similar to a baseball player starting in the rookie league and progressing through the minors until he gets to the majors. This is how you successfully build fighters.

But other than the die-hard Mexican fans that will support all boxing cards, I don't see casual Mexican fans buying a Puerto Rican against a Filipino. This is nothing racist, it's just a fact. Mexicans want to watch Mexicans.

This is why that extra $5 makes this a $54.95 fight. Of course add another $5 for taxes and another $10 if you want it in HD. And they will bill you in 30 days. You won't even notice it.

The promoters feel they have to bilk the die-hard fans to make up for the fans they haven't sold and their artificial ceiling. If HBO expects only 850,000 buys - 150,000 less than Mayweather - Marquez, they have to make up the short fall somehow.

Basically, 45% of the $54.95 stays with the local cable or satellite company. That's why they run so many commercials. HBO keeps roughly 10%. If a fighter is so popular that he takes a cut of the pay per view buys, it comes out of the promoters end and the promoter gets the rest. And don't forget the multi - million dollar purses for the fighters and all the other expenses.

How do you make a majority if you have a minority fighting a minority? And it's a lousy undercard.

Similar to milk in the grocery store. This fight is a must have item. Because you grew up with milk yourself and you know your children must have it.

Why didn't they just raise it to a nice round $60?

It's like the government saying it won't raise new taxes. They'll just raise old taxes to those they know will pay it.

Enjoy the fight!

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-11372-Dallas-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m10d23-Cotto-vs-Pacquiao-worth-5495

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