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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pacquiao will not be affected by camp distractions

November 14th will be here before you know it. The two camps are rounding the corner and heading down the final leg of a long grueling training camp. Pacquiao has been doing his thing in The Philippines, and Cotto? Haven't heard a peep out of his camp, all business, all focus.

There have been some distractions out of team Pacquiao's corner, yet Manny always seems to sift through them, and usually ends up fine. This time around the camp has been a bit more chaotic mainly with the ongoing turbulence between Roach and Koncz, and more recently a throw-down between Koncz and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. To be honest with you, this writer hardly feels as if Koncz getting beat down by Ariza will have any impact on Manny Pacquiao in the ring on November 14th. In fact, I guarantee when Manny enters the ring on November 14th, the last thing on his mind will be Michael Koncz getting bi&ch slapped.

At the end of the day, distractions or not, Manny is always ready when fight night comes upon us. He has always had the ability to put any distractions aside, and does what he has to do in the ring when it most matters. Yes, there has been a good share of bumps in the road with this camp. With that said, does anyone honestly think that Koncz getting cracked in the dome by Ariza will impact Manny on the 14th? I'm guessing, no.

The floods in the Philippines are a much more serious distraction than anything else. Manny is such a humanitarian that something like that could weigh on his mind. Manny has proven once again what he is made of by donating a lot of money to help the victims families that were impacted by the typhoon. But even with that, when it's time to fight on November 14th, it's time to fight. Manny has an on off switch ability. Like a light switch he can shut on, or shut off the distractions when he gets into the ring. In a Cinderella world, if Manny had no distractions at all, he still has the pressure of an entire nation to please, and he always comes through.

November 14th is approaching soon. The two men will step into the ring, one representing The Philippines, and one representing Puerto Rico. Both men have their entire nation on their backs, both men fight with pride.

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