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Monday, October 12, 2009

Miguel Cotto taking Manny Pacquiao way too seriously

Miguel Cotto Over Margarito
When Manny Pacquiao is going over political campaign strategy, Miguel Cotto is training.

When Pacquiao is mapping out his postfight concert schedule, Cotto is training.

When Pacman is bobbing up and down in a swimming pool, Cotto is running the streets of Tampa the way a fighter is supposed to.

When Pacquiao is trying to keep Coach Freddie Roach from biting the head off of Michael Koncz, it’s harmony and harmony only in the quiet camp of Cotto.

When Pacquiao is shooting hoops in Baguio, Cotto is doing special physical conditioning with Phil Landman in Tampa.

When Pacman was running off to Manila to aid typhoon victims, Cotto was eating, sleeping and breathing boxing in Florida.

While Pacquiao is besieged by his outside of boxing interests—commercials, TV shows, movies and more—Cotto’s only focus is on their Nov. 14 fight in Las Vegas.

While Pacman’s poor choice of flooded, muddy Baguio as a training site caused a one day delay in the arrival of fresh sparring partners Danny Escobar and ex-champ Jose Luis Castillo, Cotto’s hired hands have been in camp from Day One.

While Pacquiao is trying to make up for lost time, cramming like a college student pulling an all nighter before a tough exam, Cotto had a big head start on the start of his serious training.

While the Pacman camp is split into two warring factions, Team Cotto is united, not divided.

Add it all up and what have you got, you Everlast Einsteins?

Do the distractions, the delays, the issues add up to a disastrous defeat for Megamanny? Is that light at the end of the tunnel a runaway freight train named Miguel I’m No Cotto which will derail the Pacman Express?

Don’t be silly.

The bottom line is Cotto is going to be over prepared.

He’s just taking this fight way too seriously almost as if the rest of his career depended on it.

He’s just training as though he thinks that being The Man who knocks off Manny will be some big deal.

Lighten up, Miguel, nobody likes a grinder.

Loosen up, will you?

Stop being such a nerd, such an Urkel.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m10d11-Miguel-Im-No-Angel-Cotto-taking-Manny-Pacquiao-way-too-seriously

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