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Friday, October 16, 2009

Isolated: No room at Manny Pacquiao inn for Freddie Roach

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When Manny Pacquiao’s widely revered Coach Freddie Roach got to the Pinoy Idol’s training camp in Baguio, his arch rival Michael Koncz had a little surprise for him.

Most of the Pacman crew, including the fighter himself, were checked into the Cooyesan Hotel.

But, according to Pacman strength and conditioning guru Alex Ariza, there was no room at the inn for Roach.

Instead of bugging out and possibly upsetting the boxer, Roach accepted accommodations at the Manor Hotel.

“Koncz did that, he did that on purpose,” Ariza told me Friday by telephone from the Cooyesan Hotel.

Ariza physically attacked Koncz in Pacquiao’s suite when he discovered that the furtive Canadian agent—labeled only an “errand boy” by Ariza—was trying to change Pacman’s mind and have him replaced in the corner on fight night with, guess who, Koncz.

Ariza said shifting Roach to the other hotel and keeping him at a physical distance from Manny was a typical Koncz move.

“It’s all divide and conquer with this guy,” the 35 year old native of Colombia told me.

Ariza said Roach was initially upset to discover he had no room reserved at the Cooyesan after the long flight from Los Angeles to Manila and then on to Baguio.

“Freddie was like, ‘You’ve got to be fugging kidding me, I got no room here?’

“I went to the guy at the front desk and he was apologetic but he told me there was nothing he could because Koncz made the arrangements and that was it.

“It was a typical Koncz move. You just can’t reason with this guy because he’s always going behind your back.”

Coach Freddie Roach was relegated to the Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay, Baguio

Like many others who have observed Koncz, Ariza feels that the agent has some mental problems in dealing with other people.

Roach’s boxing credentials are beyond question. The ex-fighter is considered the premier trainer of his generation and is widely in demand.

For his own part, Ariza’s resume is strong in boxing and with MMA athletes. He’s worked for Diego Corrales, Amir Khan, Angel Manfredy among others.

Ariza is known as a “Roach guy” and he works seamlessly with the head trainer.

Ariza said his punch out of Koncz was a one off, that he usually gets along with everyone.

“I’ve never had a fight with any athlete, with any manager, with any trainer, with anybody but this guy is always trying to alienate people.”

More from the Explosive Manny Pacquiao Camp to follow…

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