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Monday, October 12, 2009

How will Cotto train his chin to survive Pacquiao's 'See you at the Karaoke party' punch?

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
When I say "See you at the Karaoke party" punch, I'm referring to Manny Pacquiao's dreaded fight-ending left cross that has laid down several of his opponents in the past and has sent thousands of his Filipino fans home happy after witnessing a thrilling victory live and millions more watching on TV, satisfied to continue their celebration with the staple of Philippine party tradition of singing 'Karaoke". (I can do 100 on South Border's "Kahit Kailan" so don't challenge me)

Much has been said about how Miguel Cotto has legitimate welterweight power and how Pacquiao might have finally bitten off more than he can chew.

Keeping track of statistics, my official count on predictions by boxing figures I have spoken to on Pacquiao-Cotto has the Boriqua bomber enjoying a significant edge. From trainers like Emmanuel Steward to boxers like Paulie Malignaggi, Sergio Mora and Kendall Holt, it seems like a lot of the 'experts' agree that Cotto may be too strong and too big for Pacquiao.

As much as people credit Pacquiao's speed, it's almost as if people are overlooking the power in his fists especially his signature game-ending left cross. Who would've thought a few years ago that people would be saying Pacquiao will beat an opponent now because of his boxing skills and by moving his feet while utilizing his speed and the entire ring?

Although it's sound logic, it just amazes me how people tend to forget about Pacquiao's knockout power especially since he just floored Ricky Hatton a few months ago. If you think his power will not translate five pounds higher than it last did, then allow me to translate it to you- It will be there! Welterweights weren't born with a thicker jaw than lightweights. Pacquiao's killer cross delivered perfectly can knock down any man- there were even rumors saying it knocked out a water buffalo (carabao) but I won't even try to legitimize that story based on how rumors can easily be fabricated and circulate in Pacland. After all, there were rumors too just last week that Pacquiao was knocked out in sparring which Freddie Roach denied and even countered by saying Pacquiao dominated his sparring partners during the last day of sparring last week.

And Cotto himself has a history of getting rocked by big punches. Back when he was campaigning at the junior welterweight division, Cotto was knocked down by Ricardo Torres and wobbled a few more times. He also started seeing stars against Demarcus 'Chop Chop' Corley in 2005. Of course all of us know about the beating he received from Antonio Margarito and how vulnerable he looked against Joshua Clottey in the latter rounds of his last fight. I just wonder how Cotto's chin will hold up against one of the biggest punchers he has ever faced who throws lightning quick punches that he won't see coming.

Pacquiao in his part has not been knocked down since fighting Nadal Hussein in 2000 when he was still campaigning at 122. That's not to say however that he will be safe from Cotto's hard punches, but chances are, and with how slow Cotto looked in his movement even in his most recent training video clips, Pacquiao will have the KO advantage over Cotto. I for one wouldn't be the least surprised if this fight ended in "Ricky Hatton" fashion.

The crowd will also play a big factor in favor of Pacquiao as Cotto has been spoiled and used to having the home court edge in majority of his past fights. I think Cotto is fragile enough for it to affect him against Pacquiao, what more when he will be hearing the crowd narrate every single blow that would land on his face with "oohs", "aahs" amidst the deafening ruckus of a jam-packed MGM arena that will be rooting against him. I've questioned his heart in the past and against a pressure fighter like Pacquiao and in a pressure situation, I just think Cotto is bound to crack. And when he does, I'll be the first to tell the fans inside the MGM, "See you at Pacquiao's Karaoke Party!"

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