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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Early Pacquiao-Cotto Insider Picks II

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
Paulie Ayala (Former 2-Time World Champ, Fought Tapia, Barrera, & Morales)
I think Pacquiao is going to be too fast and Cotto has had a lot of tought fights and I don’t think he recovered from the Margarito fight. And with Clottey, he took another beating. And I think with all the changes in his camp and Pacquiao is getting better every time. So I’m going with Pacquiao in the late rounds. I give Cotto a lot of credit, but I just think Pacquiao is going to be a little too much for him.

Jack Mosley (Father & Trainer of Sugar Shane Mosley)
Cotto is strong, he’s not as fast Pacquiao, but he’s strong enough to disrupt Pacquiao’s speed, but I’ m not sure who is going to win, but it’s going to be a good fight.

Andre Dirrell (168 pound Super-Six Tournament Participant & 2004 Olympic Medalist)
I love Pacquiao. He’s fast on his feet. One of the fastest guys I have ever seen on his feet and he has fast hands. He’s matured over the years and all that movement, bouncing and getting in and out and knowing how to use your power as well is amazing so I believe he is going to give Cotto another loss.

Casy Ramos (Undefeated Texan Featherweight Prospect 10-0)
Pacquaio! Cotto has had a lot taken out of him the last two fights and Pacquiao is at the peak of his career right now and I don’t think anything can stop him.

Hervi Estrada (Southern California Insider, Match-maker, Cornerman, Trainer)
It all depends. I think if Pacquiao tries to brawl with Cotto it might be Cotto, but I think if Pacquiao is smart and gets in and out and turns to the side and moves left and right which he is good at doing, I think Pacquiao can pull it off so I think Pacquiao will probably go home with a win.

Joel Diaz (Brother & Trainer of Former World Champion Julio Diaz & Contender Antonio Diaz)
Pacquiao ‘s speed is going to make a big difference in this fight, but at the same time lets not forget that Cotto beat Mosley so it’s a very unpredictable fight so anything can happen, but I’m going with Pacquiao.

Alex Camponovo (Former Boxing Hall of Fame Executive & Thompson Boxing General Manager)
I like Cotto. I think size is going to be very important and he’s still in his prime even with the tough loss to Margarito. I really think that this is actually the first time that Pacquiao is going to be fighting a true welterweight, a real champion in the welterweight division. Cotto is a relentless guy and might have some problems with Pacquiao’s speed, but I’m going with Cotto.

Leon Lawson (Assistant Trainer of Andre Dirrell & Anthony Dirrell)
Pacquiao is in rare form-right now. He’s got the glow. A lot of people don’t know what that means, but all my Last Dragon Fans know, he has the glow right now. He’s a force to be reckoned with, I like Pacquiao.

Shawn Estrada (2008 United States Olympian Undefeated Middleweight 6-0)
I think Pacquiao is on a roll. He’s having fights and winning them. He’s been looking good and fast. The only advantage Cotto has is he’s bigger, but bigger isn’t everything. Pacquiao is going to be mentally and physically prepared so I have Pacquiao all the way.

Doug Fischer (Editor of RingTv.com)
I don’t have a pick in the fight. I do make picks, but I don’t have one in this fight, but I’ve never picked against Miguel Cotto.

Source: http://www.fightfannation.com/pacquiaopicks101609.html

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