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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Comprehensive Buzz on Pacquiao-Cotto: Coming face to face, Traveling Arum, and more

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
Each and every day there seems to be a myriad of articles, storylines, and subplots in relation to the upcoming encounter between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto. Like a train moving in full force it can be hard to keep pace with the news that the two world class fighters have been producing.

Highlighted below are some recent opinions, news stories, and reports from the always interesting world of Pacquiao-Cotto…

Pacquiao and Cotto Face Off

In a recent commercial for the upcoming Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 series, Max Kellerman sat down and fielded questions to both participants in an intimate ‘Face Off’ titled segment. Sitting across from each other and eyeing one another as they talked you could sense the respect coming from both men, as well as a little bit of tension.

“You have to give him some credit,” Cotto said when asked his thoughts of Pacquiao. “He’s a good boxer and a great fighter. All the things he has are because he’s earned [them].”

Kellerman went on to ask Pacquiao just where exactly Cotto ranks among the list of fighters that he has fought. Despite having been in the ring with such warriors near their prime like Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Erik Morales, Pacquiao was sure to give his opponent his due.

“Miguel and is bigger than me and possibly stronger. I’m the challenger in this fight and he’s the champion.”

Kellerman pointed then towards the pound for pound landscape, reminding Cotto that while he is considered one of the elite fighters in the world, Pacquiao himself is regarded as the best, period. Despite that standing, Cotto shrugged off any comparisons and got to the heart of the matter.

“I’m just here for myself, to try to show the people who Miguel Cotto is,” the less than jovial but always honest Cotto said firmly. “I know Manny is here for the same, to make his Filipino people proud. I’m here for the same, for my family and the people who support me.”

The men continued to interact with Kellerman and gave short answers to the questions thrown their way. Pacquiao stated that he is also fighting for his family and country and didn’t understate the importance of the fight, noting that his president back home would be watching. Cotto followed that up by stating that people who know boxing always mention the fights between Leonard, Duran, and Hearns and that his fight with Pacquiao would also be remembered for years to come.

Throughout the segment Cotto himself seemed very subdued while Pacquiao seemed a bit more on edge, often eyeing his upcoming foe with a slight glare. Throughout all the answers that were given, it was Cotto who summed up everything best when asked how the fight will unfold by replying “You never know. You have to wait until the moment when the bell sounds.”

Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 kicks off Saturday, October 24th…The‘Face Off’ Video can be seen in it’s entirety below…

Pacquiao gets to work with former champion Jose Luis Castillo

As reported by Dennis Principe with Fightnews.com, Manny Pacquiao had yet another intense sparring session at Shape-Up Gym in Cooyesan Hotel in Baguio City. In particular, Pacquiao’s work with Jose Luis Castillo seemed to generate the biggest interest as the Filipino whirlwind and the former Lightweight champion went at it for three rounds.

The session was said to be controlled thoroughly by Pacquiao, who dominated with combination punching and powerful straight left hands. Throughout his career Castillo has been in with a myriad of opponents and has seen just about any style imaginable, but afterwards he spoke like a man who had seen something new.

“I can’t see his left,” The Mexicali, Mexico fighter claimed. “It’s very fast and strong. I think that will be a big problem of Cotto.”

While at first somewhat pessimistic of the work Castillo would provide, Freddie Roach seemed pleased with the session. The trainer pointed to Castillo’s similarities in the ring to Miguel Cotto and doesn’t seem to have much doubt about the benefits of brining Castillo on board.

Roach also refuted claims that Pacquiao had been floored by sparring mate Shawn Porter. Roach went on to claim that while Pacquiao may be getting hit, he certainly hasn’t tasted the canvas. Roach is said to have offered $1,000 to anyone who does end up dropping Pacquiao, furthering proof of his belief in his charge.

Bob Arum pays Manny and Miguel a visit

As the fight draws near, promoter Bob Arum has been a very busy man, as reported by MaxBoxing’s Steve Kim. Arum ended up making a trip out to the Philippines to keep a watch on Pacquiao’s training earlier in the month and came away more than impressed. The trainer went on to state that Pacquiao appears to be in ‘inhumane’ shape and that very few fighters would be able to keep pace with the kind of taxing workout that he is putting his body through.

Arum also followed up on the possibilities of Pacquiao’s next ring appearance, which for now is slated for March 13th. Arum went on to state that it’s still up in the air if Pacquiao will be in a ring on the specified date, as much will depend on his political involvement at the time.

Covering all bases, Arum also paid a visit recently to Tampa, Florida to check in on the actions of Miguel Cotto. The always keen promoter claimed that Cotto is also in incredible shape, as he has been jumping rope well before his sparring sessions. Arum also went on to state that he believes both men will deliver such an incredible fight that there won’t be any real losers on the 14th.

With both fighters signed to Top Rank, Arum obviously has a double sided interest in the bout and he surely is already planning potential options for both men after the contest is over.

The Examiners Keep Pressing Forward

Whether people like it or not, some of the most up to date, opinionated, controversial, and exclusive stories on the Pacquiao-Cotto drama has been coming from writers from the Examiner.

Mississippi Fights Sports Examiner Brad Cooney is very tight with Team Pacquiao but that didn’t stop him from hiding his thoughts on why he feels training in the Philippines was a bad idea for Manny. Cooney followed the piece up with a breakdown of the current pound for pound landscape and gave his thoughts as to why he disagrees with Harold Lederman’s opinion that Floyd Mayweather has reclaimed the throne.

Indianapolis Fight Sports Examiner Dennis Guillermo raised a serious question that needs to be addressed in bringing up the vulnerability of Cotto’s chin against a fighter like Pacquiao. Guillermo also gave his opinion as to why he feels Joe Cortez should not be the referee for Pacquiao-Cotto.

Always outspoken New York Boxing Examiner Michael Marley has been on the grind as usual, touching on a variety of topics pertaining to the fight. Marley didn’t hide his thoughts in covering the recent claims by Freddie Roach that Miguel Cotto is a dirty fighter who hits below the belt far too often. Marley also delivered a piece on the always charismatic Bernard Hopkins and dissected quotes from the ‘Executioner’ pertaining to Manny Pacquiao’s current standing in the fight game.

Undercard Buzz kill?

Despite the magnitude of the Cotto-Pacquiao encounter, the undercard itself still leaves much to be desired. Despite promises of a stellar show from top to bottom, this how the televised portion of the card is shaping up so far.

Daniel Santos vs. Yuri Foreman

Santos defends his WBA Jr. Middleweight crown against unbeaten but highly untested Yuri Foreman in a bout that doesn’t scream excitement right off the bat. While Santos is a very capable fighter who has pulled off some nice wins in the past he hasn’t fought in well over a year and it’s unknown as to how well prepared the awkward southpaw is for this showdown. Foreman sports a 27-0 record but only 8 of the contests have ended within the distance and many of his fights have been far from scintillating. We can only hope this interesting pairing exceeds expectations.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Troy Rowland

Chavez Jr. has a 40-0-1 record with 30 knockouts but the ledger is extremely deceiving as the son of the legend is often the butt of many boxing jokes from insiders and fans alike. Simply put, many people feel Chavez Jr. can’t fight all too well and a showdown with Rowland, whose biggest win was a surprising decision over Epifanio Mendoza in late 2004, will do little to satisfy the critics or cease the haters.

Alfonso Gomez vs. Jesus Soto Karass

The undercard bout that stands out is the likely all action pairing between Gomez and Karass. While Gomez may be limited he is all heart and you can always count on an honest evening’s work from him. Since being battered by Cotto in April of last year Gomez has reeled off a few wins over marginal competition and is hoping a statement against Karass can get him back into the picture at 147 pounds. Karass is unbeaten in his last fifteen fights and while nothing about his style is dynamic he is a poised fighter who knows when to hold back and when to pour on the aggression. Since delivering an emphatic knockout over David Estrada last summer on the eve of Cotto’s clash with Antonio Margarito, Karass has continued his winning ways and some insiders believe he will indeed upend Gomez. Despite the action that this matchup is expected to deliver, one fight alone isn’t enough to save an undercard, but at least we have a great main event.

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