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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode 2 Reaction

Pacquiao Cotto 24/7
Ok, so episode two was much better then episode one! I’m glad HBO went back to the winning formula. We saw Pacquiao getting back on track as far as training goes, still too much horsing around though. I mean come on, Star Talk? Pacquiao is not a good singer at all, people are just trying to coattail on his popularity too much. LOL! For those of you non-Filipinos out there, no, he is not the Filipino Elvis by any means (a comparison drawn up by the imaginative mind of the one and only Larry Merchant). And does anyone really want Manny as President of the Philippines? I sure don’t. Like many of you out there, I prefer that he would stick to Boxing taking Super Fight after Super Fight until he goes down as the greatest of all time. Now that’s what I call a career!

Anyways, HBO, HBO, HBO… you guys really know how to hype up a fight! My guess is still the same, that you guys are exaggerating turmoil in the Pacquiao camp and trying to sell us on the idea that Pacquiao is not going to be prepared coming into the fight. Like he’s overconfident in his abilities and neglects training for the biggest fight of his life. 24/7 shows us Pacquiao being pulled in all directions by people who do not have his best interests in mind. Even our own President (the #1 jock rider in the country) makes her appearance on the show. Wow! This is on a whole ‘nother level. Although it is true that Pacquiao training in Manila is a bad thing, we the fans know better, it’s still Manny Pacquiao we’re talking about and once the guy starts to train, there’s no stopping him. So I’d rather listen to Freddie Roach, who speaks the closest thing to the truth when it comes to the actual fight. Roach says the way Pacquiao is hitting the mitts right now, Cotto will get KTFO’d. Now that’s a story!

Alright Pacquiao got hit way too much in sparring by what I think was Antillon and Castillo, I’m not sure they showed Porter yet but I wouldn’t read too much into it. It is what it is. It’s HBO again showing us Manny getting whooped to cause a stir. Take it easy guys, I can assure you our boy is taking this fight very seriously and he’ll be prepared by November 14th! Was there ever a time when he wasn’t prepared for a fight? Now Pacquiao back in LA looks more like what our champ should look like, ferocious and fully concentrated on the upcoming battle. Freddie Roach has Pacquiao right where he wants him now and I’m really looking forward to episode 3 where we’ll see Pacquiao dishing out some hurt of his own.

Alex Ariza needs to chill out on Michael Koncz, he has to understand, Koncz is Pacquiao’s ‘yaya’ (nanny). Koncz is there to do the things no one else wants to do that makes life easier for Pacquiao because Pac can boss him around.

On to Cotto now. As a Pacquiao fan and supporter, the more we see of Cotto the more scared I get at how good he looks in training. He looks determined and most of all, focused. No distractions or turmoil whatsoever, just everything running very smoothly. So we can expect the best Miguel Cotto on fight night! I was re-watching Pacquiao’s fights with Oscar and Ricky and I saw him get tagged in the body by both men, didn’t even flinch thought but Cotto punches way harder than both of them most definitely. If Cotto lands one to Pacquiao’s body I’m afraid it will be bad this time around. It seems as though head trainer Joe Santiago feels the same way. Looks like Cotto had a punching bag custom made with Pacquiao’s face and body on it, nice touch! And though he didn’t show us any real sparring footage (just a series of useless photos), it’s safe to assume with the way things are going that he’s not having too many problems with that.

What I expect to see in episode three: I want to see Pacquiao’s training get better and finally show his ‘P4P King’ form. I want to see Miguel also in the best shape of his life. I want to see some real sparring between Pacquiao and Porter, the juicy stuff we’ve been reading about all month long. And I want to see Cotto in the prime of his career. I really want these two at their best come fight night, no excuses.

Last comments: I really do hope we see the Miguel Cotto of old, the pre-Margarito version of him. Because that’s the version of Miguel Cotto I want to see Pacquiao knock out in the later rounds. Did I mention I’m excited for this fight?

Source: http://www.officialscorecard.com/blog/

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