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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Opinion: Overconfidence Could Send Pacquiao to Dreamland

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
Published 51 min ago by Leo Reyes

Overconfidence kills. Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao will enter the ring oozing with confidence that he will win in his 'Firepower' fight with popular Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto. But overconfidence is another thing and it could spell defeat
Freddie Roach is confident that his ward will surprise the crowd with a first round knock out as he predicted earlier. Pacquiao's conditioning expert Alex Ariza says that the pound-for-pound king is perfectly conditioned and ready to confront his opponent. All members of Team Pacquiao are confident that the Filipino boxing idol is in his peak and ready to square off with the powerful Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.
The entire Pacquiao team is confident of a Pacquiao victory, But overconfidence kills. And that may just happen on fight night. Pacquiao could lose the fight due to overconfidence.

Team Pacquiao believes that Cotto is an easy target as the Puerto Rican boxer is known to be a slow foot and stationary boxer when inside the ring. Cotto relies on his power. And if he catches Manny Pacquiao with his fully charged power in the early rounds, the Filipino boxer could find himself in dreamland as Cotto tries to leave him in that state for good.

Pacquiao has been conditioned by his coach to spot opportunities for a first round knock out. Certainly, he will try to please his trainer and go for it when the door opens up for him to deliver his powerful left hook. If he is successful in his first round attempt, he will make his coach the happiest man on earth.

Joaquin Henson of Philstar.com says: 'If Pacquiao is looking beyond Cotto and conjuring visions of a megabuck showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr. or a third meeting with Marquez, he should wake up to present reality. He can’t afford to take Cotto lightly, no matter if his entourage continues to belittle the Puerto Rican for being a bleeder, slow and easy to hit. What Pacquiao shouldn’t do is to give Cotto some momentum in the fight. Pacquiao should dictate tempo from the start and take away Cotto’s'
Only a few can possibly dispute Henson's observation that overconfidence is one of Pacquiao's weaknesses. In particular Team Pacquiao sees Cotto as a slow foot fighter and an easy target for the speedy Pacquiao. But then again overconfidence kills and Team Pacquiao should remind the Filipino boxing icon about its repercussions.

The Filipino boxing superstar will face Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico in their 'Firepower' match this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. At stake is Miguel Cotto's WBO welterweight belt.

The fight will be telecast worldwide and available on pay-per-view.

Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/282046

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