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Friday, November 13, 2009

You bet: Odds on Manny Pacquiao over Miguel Cotto are out of line

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
NY Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

LAS VEGAS—My fellow Pinoys know that, when it comes to picking any Pacquiao fights, I’ve been way out of the closet for the longest.

I would Pacman to turn back Al Queda. I would favor Megamanny to squash the entire countries OF Iran and North Korea, which might not be a bad idea in either case.

Let Pacquiao topple those despotic regimes the way he toppled de la Hoya and Hatton we can rename Iran as “Pacland West” and start calling North Korea “Pacland East” or something like that.
But even I must admit the betting price on the Pacman-Cotto bout, coming up here Saturday night at the MGM Grand, is out of whack.

It’s a combination of Pacquiao’s phenomenal popularity, which includes a massive groundswell of approval from the world’s best fight fans (Mexicans), and the idea that many have that the Boricua Banger is pretty much “a punched ticket” as a result of being hammered by Antonio Margarito.

The betting board Thursday night at the MGM Sports Book listed Manny as a minus 3.50 favorite and Cotto is the plus 2.70 underdog.

Over at The Palms off The Strip, you can get a lower price as Pacman is only minus 3.00. That’s a little know secret for all you boxing bettors: go to the casinos off the main stem and you will find better odds on fights.

Again, I understand Pacman being the favorite but 3-1 to 3 ½-1 is simply what the bookies and bettors call an “overlay.”

I am betting that many small “punters” will opt to bet on whether the fight goes 9.5 or 10 full rounds or not.

At the MGM, it is plus 1.05 that it lasts 30 minutes or 10 complete rounds and the won’t go price is minus 1.25.

Remember, if the fight is stopped with even one second left in the 10th, you will lose if you bet it to go a full 10 frames.

You zany folks may want to review the odds on a 12 round draw which I saw at 20-1 at The Palms and only 15-1 at the MGM.


Want to know how authentic the Big Fight souvenirs are?

I was informed that the bobblehead set, with figurines of Manny and Miguel inside a tiny ring, were done so that the tattoos on both fighters are lifelike.

I keep saying it, I know Pacquiao will find a way to win (by decision I say, although I am now wavering as to a possible, late round stoppage) but I need some of you NFL mavens to tell if the Colts can possibly beat the Patriots by three ppoints on Sunday.

Not that I would ever bet against my hometown New England team but, hey come on, we’re talking investments here and not loyalty. I am leaning towards Indy on this.


Pacquiao pal Gov, Chavit Singson, one of the most powerful and connected citizens in the Philippines, is also the National Security Adviser to President GMA.

Singson is, approrprately enough, staying at an exclusive MGM property know as The Mansion.

Yes, Gov. Chavit’s got it like that.

Singson did not bring any of his tigers over from his estate which I'm sure comes as a relief to Manny's Jack Russell terrirer, Pacman.


Well liked Showtime fight announcer Nick Charles, who is more than holding his own in a bout against cancer, came to watch the fight.

Charles was, appropriately enough, given a heartfelt round of applause when he entered the Media Center.

"And I didn't even knock anbody out," Charles told me, laughing.

Here's hoping he KOs the dreaded disease.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m11d12-You-bet-Odds-on-Manny-Pacquiao-over-Miguel-Cotto-are-out-of-line

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