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Friday, November 13, 2009

Exclusive photo gallery: Inside the lives and minds of the Pacquiao-Cotto under card combatants

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
Las Vegas Boxing Examiner | Chris Robinson

Earlier today the final press conference for the under card portion of the Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao bout took place.

As is the always the custom with a Top Rank show, Bob Arum first spoke to everyone in attendance. Arum pointed out that even though the Pacquiao-Cotto showdown is the main event, that the fighters on the under card all will fight just as hard when the bell rings for their respective bouts. Below I have taken a look at the under card fighters from Saturday’s night’s show, as well highlighting their expectations come fight time.

Alfonso Gomez

Gritty Alfonso Gomez spent much of his early career in obscurity, fighting all over Las Vegas, California, and Texas before becoming known on the first season of ‘The Contender’. On the show we were witness to Gomez’ down to earth and passionate demeanor and saw him compete against the likes of Peter Manfredo Jr. and Jesse Brinkley.

Following his run on the show Gomez would push forward with his career. In July of 2007 he would get the break he was looking for when he signed to fight then living legend Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti. In the bout Gomez fought the fight of his life, out boxing his older opponent before halting him in the seventh round. By that time Gatti had seen better days but the win itself was still very much impressive.

Gomez was fortunate to fight for the WBA Welterweight title of the world in April of 2008, but his only problem was that he was going up against one of the world’s best fighters in Miguel Cotto. In the bout Gomez would be out muscled and outclassed, surrendering by way of 5th round stoppage.

This Saturday night Gomez will be locking horns with Jesus Soto Karass in what figures to be an all action thriller. The bout is a chance for Gomez to jumpstart his career again and he knows that everything will be on the line for him.

Addressing the media on Thursday afternoon, Gomez looked calm and confident.

“I’ll be brief,” Gomez opened up. “I’ve prepared very hard for this bout. I know that Karass keeps coming and coming.”

Gomez went on to state that he has taken great motivation from his newborn daughter for this bout and promised everyone a great fight. Knowing Gomez’ history that isn’t out a question.

Jesus Soto Karass

It’s somewhat ironic that Jesus Soto Karass’ biggest career victory came on the eve of Miguel Cotto’s first and only defeat in July of last year. Fighting at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino against rugged David Estrada, Karass introduced himself to many in the boxing world in a wildly entertaining fight.

Estrada has always proven himself to be all heart and mixing his style with Karass’ proved to be ultimately exciting. The key advantage that Karass had in the bout was that he seemed to have the edge in boxing skills over his charging opponent and he was also very poised with his attack. In the eighth round a sweeping hook would level Estrada, who would be in no shape to continue moments later. The victory for Karass showed how much promise he possesses as a fighter.

Heading into his bout with Gomez this Saturday, Karass was a many of very few words or emotions.

“I’m very motivated,” Karass claimed. “I’m hoping this fight can lead to a world title fight next year.”

Karass went on to state that his showdown with Gomez will be a ‘big battle’ and could possible steal the show from the Cotto-Pacquiao main event.

After his win over Estrada, Karass had slid under the radar a bit but he will have his chance to again remind everyone of the fighter he is underneath the bright lights of Las Vegas. Let’s hope the 27-year old doesn’t let this chance slip away.

Yuri Foreman

I remember first speaking with Belarus native Yuri Foreman in the spring of 2005 before his Showtime televised fight against Kevin Cagle. In talking to Foreman I was taken back his humble nature and found it hard not to root for the likeable guy.

Years later Foreman now finds himself in a position he has always dreamed as he will be facing off with Jr. Middleweight champion Daniel Santos in hopes of wrestling away the WBA belt.

At 27-0 with 8 knockouts, Foreman has a record that is notable; however it is the fashion in which he has compiled those victories that has left many asking for more. In many fights Foreman has shown himself to be void of any killer instinct and has instead used his skills to navigate his way towards victory.

Foreman could do himself well with an impressive performance against the well traveled Santos and perhaps it could be the start towards a new beginning in his boxing career. Because at the end of the day being a belt holder in the sport isn’t’ enough; you need to be a champion who finds a way to captivate your audience. Let’s hope Yuri puts it all together on Saturday.

Daniel Santos

At 34 years of age and carrying with him a 32-3-1 record, Puerto Rico’s Daniel Santos has seen a little bit of everything in his boxing career.

The highs have included victories over the likes of former champions Antonio Margarito, Jose Antonio Rivera and others but the lows have been in the form of inactivity and a style that hasn’t always won everyone over. Still, there are some definite strong points about Santos.

Throughout his career has never shied away from traveling into unchartered territories as he has fought all over the world in such locations as Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy, among others. He has also shown the ability to remain resilient despite any setbacks and he has refused to let the boxing world phase him out of the championship picture. His last title winning victory, a sixth round knockout over Joachim Alcine, is proof to such a statement.

Heading into his bout against Foreman, Santos realizes just how dear a championship fight in Las Vegas is to his career at this point.

“I’m happy because I’m back,” Santos mentioned earlier of returning to Las Vegas. “I used to live here for 2 ½ years and it’s been great to see old faces and friends.”

With some feeling that Santos’ back is again against the wall, he remained both optimistic and determined.

“This is a very big fight for me. I feel young and excited to be here. You will see and believe the new Daniel Santos on Saturday night.”

Santos also made mention that this is the first time he has been able to bring his son with him for one of his bouts. Afterwards Santos spoke at ends length with the media about his showdown with Foreman and it seems he’s just happy to be back in the spotlight after all these years.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Despite possessing a 40-0-1 record with 30 knockouts, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has received his share of criticism throughout his career. The son of a ring legend, young Chavez Jr. has faced questionable opposition so far in his career and there are those who simply don’t feel he can fight nearly as well as his record can indicate.

To his credit, Chavez Jr. is still only 23 years old and without any amateur experience he has been learning on the job as a professional fighter. Chavez Jr. is set to face Troy Rowland this Saturday night and while he may not win over all of his critics with one performance he surely can appreciate what the fight means to his still developing career.

“I’ve always had extra pressure because of my name,” Chavez said as he spoke earlier today. “I feel that this is a big stage for me. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to be a champion and I haven’t stopped.”

The sport of boxing is brutal towards its fighters in many aspects. Inside of the ropes the pugilists must deal with the adversity that comes form their opponents and outside of the squared circle it is the criticism, doubt, and even hatred that they must somehow cope with. Hopefully we can recognize Chavez Jr’s performance on the under card this Saturday for what it is; a showcase opportunity for a young fighter who is still maturing fight after fight.

Troy Rowland

If there is anybody who may feel a bit overlooked on the Pay Per View portion of the card, it is probably 25-2 Middleweight Troy Rowland, who fights Chavez Jr. on Saturday.

Rowland, who was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is used to being the opponent despite his fine record. In his time as a fighter he has had upset wins over Kenny Ellis and Epifanio Mendoza, and he will be looking to derail Chavez Jr. as well.

“Like everybody else I’m just happy to be here,” Rowland claimed. “This is the opportunity of my life. Chavez is an amazing fighter and he’s done great in his career but we’re looking to take away his ‘0’. People have been saying that’s he’s fighting a nobody but that’s because nobody knows who I am.”

There’s something genuine and admirable about the hard luck underdog in the sport of boxing and it seems that Troy Rowland knows his role all too well. He’ll be looking to change those perceptions when the bell rings.

Also in attendance

Undefeated Middleweight Matt Korobov will be facing Kerry Hope on the untelevised portion of the under card. Trainer Kenny Adams, who helped guide Vince Phillips to a championship years back, claimed the Russian is one of the most skilled fighters he has worked with over the years.

Israel’s Eilon Kedem fights Eden Sonsona Saturday night as well. Kedem is trained by Hector Rocha, who once held the reigns to Arturo Gatti, and says it ‘couldn’t get any better’ than fighting underneath a bout with the magnitude of Pacquiao-Cotto.

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