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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't write off Cotto.. we're in for hell of a showdown

By Barry Mcguigan 14/11/2009

Manny Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto.

No disrespect to David Haye and last week's big clash with Nikolai Valuev, but this should be a fight to savour.

The experts are falling in behind Pacquiao. They see in him as a boxer at his peak or even getting better, a pound-forpound superstar. Cotto is seen as a fighter on the slide.

I'm not so sure. I respect the opinion of those closer to the action who claim Cotto is not the fighter he was, but I reserve judgment until after this test.

The question is this: how much did the Antonio Margarito bout take out of Cotto? He said it felt like being hit by bricks in that fight.

Margarito has since been engulfed in controversy after illegal padding was found in the wrapping of his hands for a subsequent bout.

We don't know if his fists were similarly enhanced against Cotto, but we know that the result placed the only loss on Cotto's record.

As good as Pacquiao undoubtedly is, we have not been able to fully evaluate his credentials at the heavier weight. This was made at 145lbs, two under the welterweight limit. This tells you that not only does he see an advantage in making Cotto shed more pounds but that he is not confident at the weight against a fully-fledged welter.

Juan Manuel Marquez was coming up from lightweight and was really a career super featherweight. Ricky Hatton was not the same man after Mayweather, and Oscar de la Hoya was a weight-drained carcass at 147lbs.

Pacquiao was impressive against all three but in circumstances that do not allow complete confidence in a prediction for this fight.

Much is being made of Cotto's close decision against Joshua Clottey. This ignores how tough an opponent Clottey is. There is no shame in being taken all the way by a Ghanaian warrior. I wake up at night in cold sweats thinking about his fellow countryman Azumah Nelson - and I never fought him!

The defeat to Margarito was brutal but he was winning the fight almost until the point the stoppage came.

Margarito had the style to trouble Cotto in a way that Zab Judah and Shane Mosley did not.

If we are looking for comparisons it is to the Judah and Mosley bouts that we should look. Cotto has handled speed before and power, and coped brilliantly.

If the experts close to the action are wrong about Cotto's perceived decline post-Margarito then Pacquiao is in for one hell of a fight. The speed and power that did for Hatton will not do for Cotto in the same way.

He is a brilliant fighter, excellent technically and with a terrific heart.

If this fight were made before the Margarito bout I would have had no hesitation in making him favourite.

As it stands I believe he is the only fighter capable of forcing a stoppage win in the early hours tomorrow.

I accept that Pacquiao is justifiably favourite and that a points win is a sound prediction.

But I'm not yet ready to write off Cotto, and if he is at his best this is going to be the fight of the year.

Don't be surprised to see the Puerto Rican the winner.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/more-sport/boxing/2009/11/14/don-t-write-off-cotto-we-re-in-for-hell-of-a-showdown-115875-21820649/

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