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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao-Cotto weigh in before match for packed house

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
By Greg Heakes (AFP) – 12 hours ago

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Trainer Freddie Roach says fighting as a welterweight might become a regular thing for Manny Pacquiao because he is happier than he has ever seen him before a fight.

"If he couldn't eat the day before the weigh in he was mad at the world," said Roach. "He would be on edge because couldn't eat. Now he can have breakfast and lunch before the weigh in and he is smiling and I have a happy fighter."

Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto both weighed in Friday for their welterweight fight for Cotto's World Boxing Organization world title at the MGM Grand hotel and casino.

The fight is being fought at the catch weight of 145 pounds which is exactly what Cotto tipped the scales at.

Challenger Pacquiao weighed in at 144 pounds.

The fight has been sold out for weeks and there was a standing room only crowd of about 6,500 for Friday's official weigh in at Grand Garden Arena where it will take place.

Both fighters spoke briefly to their fans but did not engage each other and for the most part did not get together on the podium. There were words exchanged between Roach and Cotto's trainer Joe Santiago who Roach has labelled inexperienced.

The two had to be separated by their respective camps.

The weigh in had all the drama of a fight night as the pro-Cotto and pro-Pacquiao supporters took turns shouting each other down. Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven introduced both fighters and joked with Pacquiao about his reputation for late night partying.

"This is like the Jimmy Kimmel show. Funny," said Pacquiao, who weighed in wearing his boxers and a pair of white socks. "When I start to train for the fight there is no more night time. Thank you Filipinos for coming."

Cotto also thanked his supporters as he took the scales in just his underwear.

"Thanks for coming," Cotto said. "I will put on a great show. It will be a great day for Puerto Rico and Latin America people."

Organizers turned away thousands of boxing fans who waited outside the arena behind a barrier. Those lucky enough to get into the weigh in included some who began lining up at 5:30 am.

Roach said he is so pleased with the way training camp has gone the past couple of weeks he will try to get Pacquiao to fight again at this weight.

"People kill themselves to make weight. It is over-rated," Roach said. "When I have a happy fighter he fights well.

"He will be smiling in the ring walk and he is enjoying every bit of this."

Pacquiao will be trying to win his seventh world title in as many divisions and what amazes boxing experts is he hasn't show any signs of losing power as he fights heavier opponents.

Pacquiao's six titles came in a half dozen weight classes ranging from 112 to 140 pounds. He weighed just 106 pounds in his pro debut in 1995 and captured his first title in the 112-pound flyweight division.

"As he gains weight his speed and power are both improving and it is hard to explain why," Roach said. "He is comfortable at it so we are going to stay there."

Some heavy hitters were also in attendance at the weigh in including Antonio Margarito who is the only man to have taken down Cotto when he beat him in a controversial decision last year.

Asked to predict a winner Saturday, Margarito, who is under suspension for using illegal gloves in another fight, just shook his head and said no.

Filipino boxing fan Brian Shelledy, of Los Angeles, isn't shy about giving his opinion.

"Manny Pacquiao represents all the good values of Filipino people," said the 37-year-old computer technician. "He comes from a poor background and he shows respect and is humble."

New York policeman Gabriel Dones and shipping clerk Mike Maldonado flew in Thursday night from New York to cheer the Puerto Rican champ on.

"(Cotto) is going to win because Pacquiao hasn't fought anybody with Cotto's power," said Maldonado.

Source: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iHXcNwmX2652mpPf_tcH3Ev-tBsw

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