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Monday, November 2, 2009


Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming, Pacquiao Cotto 24/7, Pacquiao vs Cotto News and Updates
During the last few months I have read a great number of notes and articles on different news media outlets about this fight and in almost all of them there is one constant, the prevalent opinion that Cotto does not have an opportunity to conquer the tagalo Manny Pacquiao. This is something that has caught my attention, but as if that wasn’t enough was has interested me more is the fact that they already seem to be preparing his next bout as if he had already beaten Cotto. It is a fact that money rules boxing, specially mega fights, but we cannot overlook the qualities of a boxer like Miguel Ángel Cotto who has faced other elite boxers in their peak and has beaten and lost to fighter such as Sugar Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito and Joshua Clottey.

Those that use Pacquaio’s previous victories over Oscar and Hatton as their barometer for basing their opinion of Pacquaio destruction over Cotto are not been objective and are instead being lead by what the TV cameras would have them see. This believe that Pacquaio is some sort of demonic creature of destruction based on his knock out of Hatton is far from the reality. Oscar and Hatton were both exposed by the very questionable practices of Roach and Pac in imposing questionable catchweights, forcing a fighter to go down to a weight in which their physical strengths are far from being at their ideal condition. Anyboddy who cannot see this must be obsessed with the “Boom” of Pacquaio and his promoter Bob Arum.

In stating this, I don’t wish to diminish what Pac has accomplished, but I’m also not blind and don’t see what chance he has against a fighter like Cotto who in my opinion is much superior to Pacquaio in everything; he is superior in technique, might be as quick in the beginning of fights, who has received shots by bigger stronger fighters such as Clottey, and Mosley and who is technically more skilled then the Filipino. From this it is easy to infer that Cotto, who has beaten the aforementioned fighters, should have no problems with a fighter who is coming up in weight and those not hold one advantage. For this reason I am sometimes amused about what I read about this fight. To the degree that some favor Pacquaio they have gone as far as discussing his next fight, to bring links about these comments I believe are unnecessary.

I believe the fans who give Cotto no chance of winning will be in for a big surprise come November 14. Cotto is preparing for this fight like has never before and that will show come fight night. I also believed they choose the wrong opponent to play their famous “catchweight” game. That’s where fighters like Hatton, who is known to indulge too much, and Oscar, who hadn’t fought as welter, strategically lost the fight. As a result of this weight game come fight night Pacquaio was faster and stronger then both of his opponents.

I expect that Arum is starting to have the same doubts as evidenced by his remarks in which he stated, “It wouldn’t be a disaster if Pacquaio lost to Cotto.” With those simple words Arum is starting the spin machine preparing the boxing world for Pacquaio’s defeat.

As the fight gets closer I observe as team Pacquaio and his fans see the outcome of this fight as a foregone conclusión. Talking about future opponents, mega fights, all of this tells me that their still in their dream. However, sometimes it is not good to dream too much. It’s only been days since a young fighter named Juanma Lopez was being billed as the next great fighter and he was exposed by a third level tier fighter. With that the dreams of many fans were broken and they were forced to come back to reality. The same I believe will occur with the Filipino fans, as the fighter from Caguas will burst them out of their dream and back into reality.

In countless occasions Pacquaio has shown us that he is good fighter, of that there is no doubts. However to see him as unbeatable or to proclaim that he posses quality of a great technician or other virtues that he lacks is far from logical in my opinion. However, this adventure in these weight categories has come to end, November 14th he will fight a fighter in his peak superior in all attributes and it will cost him greatly for him to have thought he could win.

When Cotto make his power felt on the fighter in front of him, the Filipino will realize that he should have never taken this fight. That night he will realize the advantages with the catchweights that his trainer tried to impose will not be enough. In that moment we will see Cotto for what he really is, a quality champion in his natural weight and he will do what a champion should do when he’s prepared and focused for a fight. The young prospect Antonio DeMarco repeated to us that old boxing adage “Fights are won and lost in the GYM.” Cotto is busy doing what he needs to do and has left the rest to his team.

My chips are all in, this time the Boricua will give his best performance and I am "VICTORY has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan. John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) American politician.

Source: http://boxeomundial.net/boxeo.php?category=english&id=14536

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