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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Manny Pacquaio confidante: Miguel Cotto needs miracle

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
NY Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

LAS VEGAS--Team Jinkee has landed at LAX. Team Manny is prepping for Monday, the final afternoon of light training and sparring at Coach Freddie Roach's Wild Card Gym and the Team Pacquiao bus is revving up for the ceremonial ride to this gambling mecca.

Although HBO tries to give you the idea that the Pinoy Idol rides in the big bus from SoCal to Vegas, he really is seen getting on and getting off the bus only for publicity photos and videos.

“Manny prefers to ride in his Expedition SUV with his driver at the wheel, it is more comfortable for him than being in the bus with the entourage,” my imbedded camp source told me on Sunday.


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The Pacman insider said wife Jinkee arrived in fine form with at least seven more in her traveling party. It is believed she spent the night at a family owned mansion in the swanky Hancock Park section of LA, an area where Muhammad Ali lived for some years.

“Jinkee came over with her mother, her father, her sister and some others,” the source said.

Roach will likely use speedster Rey Beltran for the final day of sparring. Urbano Antillon, who along with Beltran and Shawn Porter carried the sparring load in the camp in preparation for the bout against Miguel Cotto, said that Pacman is primed and ready to rumble.

“Urbano is frankly predicting a stoppage of the Puerto Rican around the eighth or ninth round,” the inflamed source said.

Another keen Pacman observer, Hammering Hermie Rivera, is also confident of victory.

It will take a miracle from the Gods of Puerto Rico for Miguel to win.” Rivera said. “For him to upset this Pacman, it will take a miracle. I see them exchanging early and if neither is badly hurt, they will both revert to their tactical plans. Cotto throws thunderous punches, yes, but Manny will prove so elusive that Miguel will find himself increasingly frustrated.”

Manny’s estranged father, Rosalio, will be at ringside to see his son fight for the first time. He abandoned mother Dioneysia and the children when Manny was a boy and went on to have a second family.

I asked if Manny doesn’t resent his father’s abandonment.

“You know how Manny is,” the source said. “Manny just wants everybody to be happy, to get along and have some fun. Slowly, father and son are reworking their relationship.”

Pacman’s mother Nanay Dionesia will also be an honored guest.

As for prefight diversions, one of Pacquiao's favorites is playing chess with Winchell Campos and Pacland honcho Dong Secuya.

Word is that Pacman cannot best the slick Secuya on the chessboard but never claims he has been "rooked."

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m11d8-Manny-Pacquaio-confidante-confident-Miguel-Cotto-needs-miracle-of-Gods

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