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Monday, November 9, 2009

Exclusive Video Analysis: Pacquiao Game Plan for Cotto's Dangerous Left Hook

The talking is nearly over, its time for the technical game plan in the ring. Liverpuncher.com was at the Wild Card Gym in person to see with our own eyes if Pacquiao was ready for Cotto. Watch below with our exclusive video technical analysis of the game plan to beat Cottos vaunted pressure and left hook to the liver, aka the "Liverpunch". Look for Pacquiao to implement these techniques in the fight!

Many people have asked, how will Pacquiao ever defend against Cottos powerful left hook?

As you well know, Cotto is a natural left hander just like Oscar de la Hoya, but fights in the conventional stance. Oscar de la Hoya's left hand carried him though many championship weight classes as he used the left handed “Hooker Cut” a modified left hook that came upstairs. So how will Pacquiao defend against Cottos Money Punch, the left hook?

Liverpuncher.com was there and saw some clues to Pacquiaos technique. Pacquiao first sets up some offense in the middle of the ring, keeping distance from his foe. Watch as Roach emulating Miguel Cotto then applies pressure on Pacquiao. Pacquiao uses his quick feet, moving side to side and eventually circles to the other side of the ring, staying well away from the ropes.

Roach then throws countless left hooks, much like Cotto will in the fight. The first one at 1:10, Pacquiao duck unders and slips, then moves out of range. Again on the second left hook, he uses the same slipping technique. Roach slaps Manny with another left hook at 1:17, as he uses his right elbow to block.

Another interesting technique Pacquiao employs, as Roach begins yet another left hook Pacman stretches out his right hand at 1:23, keeping distance, circles, and follows up with a combination upstairs. Beautiful strategy and technique, what the sweet science is all about. By throwing the right hand and circling to his left, it creates the distance and leverage he will need to pick Cotto off as he attempts any left hook.

What will the Pacman look to do if Cotto tries his left hooks along the ropes? Watch as Roach throws more left hooks to the body, Manny blocks and follows up with his money punch, the left hand upstairs. He then does the same technique again.

By the end of the video we see Manny’s offensive arsenal on display. The power and blazing speed is a beautiful thing for any pugilistic fan to watch. This is the sweet science on display, look for it on the day of the fight!

Source: http://www.liverpuncher.com/exclusive-video-analysis-pacquiao-game-plan-for-cottos-dangerous-left-hook.html

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