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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cotto's punching power against Pacquaio's speed

Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Streaming
November 9th, 2009
Sabrina Montez

We are now days away before these two fearless fighters,Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto finally meet in the ring. Is there really anyone who believes this fight will go to decision? The probability of this fight resulting in a stoppage seems extremely high. This mega fight card was properly named,"Firepower" which both Pacquiao and Cotto possess.

Miguel Cotto is a true welterweight,many of Pacquaio's previous opponents have lacked the power he has. Cotto's impressive record speaks for itself 34-1. That one questionable loss coming from Antonio Margarito. Although he is not the same fighter,since suffering from that devastating loss. Miguel Cotto should not be underestimated.

Cotto has many strengths he is a smart,skilled fighter who is a very heavy handed puncher. He is also very weak in many areas. In Cotto's last fight with Joshua Clottey,he showed he can be easily hit and lacks speed. Pacquiao will not hesitate to capitalize on every weakness Cotto has.

Miguel Cotto must be ready to take punishment from Manny Pacquiao,who will use his overwhelming speed,and dish out relentless attacks. The same can be said for Pacquiao,who will get hit with forceful punches from a strong Cotto.

Pacquaio has many advantages over Cotto,with his ability to cut off the ring and apply pressure. This will prove to be a problem for Cotto,who has difficulty when under pressure. Cotto must be ready to defend,against Pacquiao's power and blinding combinations. Miguel Cotto's defense has been dismal of late.

Pacquaio seems to get better with every fight,in his last 5 fights he is 5-0. His stamina is ridiculous. This also is a huge advantage,because Cotto seems to look fatigued in later rounds..
Pacquaio's speed and exceptional footwork also has to be carefully looked at. Pacquaio will unleash solid strikes on Cotto,and get away before Cotto has an opportunity to retaliate.

Pacquaio is much smaller which gives Cotto a huge advantage.. Cotto is an excellent counter puncher and Pacquaio's defense must be solid. Cotto's powerful punches if landed can inflict damage on Pacquiao. Can Cotto surprise the world,and upset the Filipino sensation,with the odds clearly stacked against him?

Both fighters have a tremendous amount of heart. Cotto must man up to have a chance against Pacquaio. As seen in Cotto's previous fights he tends to run when under pressure. Pacquiao will not give him any breathing room,and will chase him. It is highly unlikely neither fighter will give up and quit. This will be a battle of who can outbox each other.

If Cotto can neutralize Pacquiao's lightning speed and land key punches it is a strong possibility he could win.

If Pacquiao can survive those tough punches from Cotto and land some ruthless combinations it is a strong possibility he could win.

In my 8CountNews exclusive interviews with Joshua Clottey and Alfonso Gomez last month. The two opponents who faced Miguel Cotto gave me their predictions on this upcoming fight.

Joshua Clottey: If Pacquaio can take all of Cotto's punches he will win.

Alfonso Gomez: This fight is for Pacquiao to win. He is fast and strong. Pacquiao should win.

No one can really predict what may happen in this fight. All we can do is continue to analyze the weakness and strengths of both fighters. It has to be said that the advantage is for Pacquaio speed,accuracy,stamina,and strength is a winning combination,but as i stated Cotto should never be underestimated.

This is the most anticipated fight of 2009. We will soon have a clear winner and the speculating will be over. November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,the pride of the Philippines and the pride of Puerto Rico will meet and only one will emerge victorious.

Source: http://www.8countnews.com/news/138/ARTICLE/2042/2009-11-09.html

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