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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miguel Cotto deserves better than Arum , Top Rank

Dignity and pride. Two words that describe Miguel Cotto. You never hear him trash an opponent and you don't hear him make excuses. Miguel Cotto is and has been the consummate professional his entire career.

So why does it seem that Cotto is being treated as the red-headed stepchild. His fights are entertaining and big draws in New York.

Now his promoter, Bob Arum, has pretty much sealed the deal for Cotto to fight boxing's number one draw, Manny Pacquiao. Is this a golden parachute gift for the years of service to Top Rank or is it a lamb being led to slaughter? Arum recently said that this was an even fight. Remember a couple of years ago when Floyd Mayweather versus Arturo Gatti was considered an even fight by some people. It just wasn't so.

And now Cotto is becoming the Puerto Rican Gatti. He boxes well and is highly intelligent , but he seems to be taking a beating in recent years. Gatti changed from slugger to boxer with good results until he ran into Mayweather. Cotto has become more of a boxer since moving up from junior welterweight. The results have been mixed. His fight with Shane Mosley could have been a draw and he couldn't seem to keep Margarito off of him last year, illegal wraps or not.

So why doesn't his promotional team step in and take control. Let him know that it would be more beneficial to become the aggressor in fights? Bob Arum hardly uttered a word in Miguel's defense after the Margarito debacle. However, you could find him with his lips firmly planted on Margarito's backside even when his fighter was caught red and illegally handed.

It could be because there have been rumblings that Cotto will not be back with Arum when his contract runs out at the end of the year. Cotto has taken the high road and refused to engage in a media war of words with his promoter. Cotto was lucky to escape with a win on Saturday night. The consenus has been that Miguel didn't win the fight as much as Joshua Clottey lost the fight. Can you imagine Pacquiao not throwing punches the way Clottey did in some rounds? Me neither. It is hard to think of Pacquiao not being active the whole three minutes of any round. So how is this an even fight?

Miguel Cotto has been a major plus for boxing and deserves the same in return. Here's hoping that Miguel can hold his own against Pacquiao and give the fans a memorable fight and move on to Golden Boy where they appear to know how to treat their fighters. Remember Manny was all set to sign with Oscar when Arum threatened legal action against Golden Boy Promotions. Maybe it's because a former boxer knows what other fighters go through and is willing to stand behind them through the tough fights. Here's hoping Miguel is able to go twelve rounds with Manny, win or lose, and have the last laugh on Bob Arum.

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