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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hall of Famers Should Fight Hall of Famers-No to Cotto-Pacquiao

After watching this past weekends fight between Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey, I thought 2 things. One was how much I admire Miguel Cotto as a fighter. He is tough, he has heart and he is skilled. But I was also thinking to myself, was that a hall of fame performance. Was that worthy to earn him a fight with Manny Pacquiao? Now Cotto may one day be Hall of Fame worthy, which I think he will eventually be. But he isn’t today. Pacquiao should be looking elsewhere for a challenge.

Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter of his generation; he has won titles in 6 divisions and has been a 4 division lineal champion. He only has few fights left. He should settle for nothing less then legacy fights. And while Cotto is an excellent fighter, he is not yet a legendary fighter. What Pacquiao needs is fights against legends. Anything less then Floyd Mayweather Jr, Sugar Shane Mosley or a 3rd match against Juan Manual Marquez would be unsatisfying. Let’s examine the prospects.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Positives: This is the biggest monetary fight in boxing. It would be the former Pound for Pound vs the Current Pound for Pound. It is the biggest fight that could be made in boxing. And it would do well over 1 million buys in the PPV market. It is the sort of Mainstream fight that would draw in mainstream fans, which is what boxing needs.

Drawbacks: Mayweather style is hit and don’t get hit. Which will make for a non-fan friendly fight and could be difficult for Manny. The money factor would be an issue too, would Manny or Floyd take less money. I doubt it.

Sugar Shane Mosley

Postives: The best combination fight in boxing. Has the potential the be the whole package. A great fight, a mainstream draw, and a box office hit. It would be another match-up of a former pound for pound king vs the current pound for pound. Would be historic as well as Mosley is considered by most as the Welterweight Champion and a current top 5 pound for pound fighter. Manny could win his 7th title in this 7th Weight Class.

Drawbacks: Mosley will 38 when the fight would take place. Would he get old overnight? Does not sell tickets well when on his own.

Juan Manuel Marquez

Positives: A 3rd match between the 2. Would be a great fight on paper once again. Could become one of boxing’s great trilogy’s. Manny would not have move up in weight and both fighters are around the same size.

Drawbacks: Not a PPV blockbuster, has little US appeal. While a great fight it will be hard to sell to regular sports fans

Miguel Cotto

Positives: Good action fight. Most winnable fight on Paper for Pacquiao. Cotto has a title belt. Cotto while the bigger man, Pacquiao is the much faster fighter. Cotto is a good boxer evidenced by his close decisions over Mosley and Clottey. His defensive is not the best, and can be hit.

Drawbacks: Least accomplished of the other 3. Outside of New York and Puerto Rico is Cotto really a mainstream draw? This fight will do the least for Pacquiao’s legacy. Will there be huge build up with the US national media? No.


There are 2 answers here. Mayweather is the best fight for the money. I think both men could clear 20 million a piece. It would be the biggest fight in the sport in since Julio Cesar Chavez-Pernell Whitaker. A forgettable fight with a horrendous decision. Do we really want to see that type of fight again?

The best fight if you want to include everything is Sugar Shane Mosley. It brings a legendary fighter, action fight, money, mainstream appeal, and legacy. Ask anybody honestly the question, what is the best fight to watch? Pacquiao-Mosley would be one for the ages. You just have to convince Bob Arum, Freddie Roach, and others to make the right fights. Anything less then Mayweather or Mosley is unacceptable.

Source: http://www.boxing24.com/hall-of-famers-should-fight-hall-of-famers-no-to-cotto-pacquiao/

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